9 Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials For Black Souls

by Kim Carpluk

Valentine's Day: Sometimes, it feels like you can't walk a foot without slamming into a passionate PDA and a red lip. But if you like your lipstick as black as your soul, forget about all of that and feast your vengeful eyes upon these nine Valentine's Day makeup tutorials.

The thing is, Valentine's Day can be kind of divisive. Many embrace it in all its sickly-sweet goodness, planning dates and sporting soft eye looks with a classic pink or red lip. And if that's your jam, that's wonderful! Embrace the love and positivity. But if you're a different sort, break out that black liquid lipstick and metallic red eyeshadow because it's about to get a little anti V-day up in here.

An anti-Valentine's Day look can truly be whatever you want it to be, as long so you feel absolutely beautiful and badass AF. It's all about you, so feel free to live your best life and bust out your best dramatic razor-sharp liner. If you're feeling a little uninspired, check out these tutorials to get the wheels turning.

1. NikkiTutorials' Blood Red Lips and Electric Eyes

If you like full glam and aren't afraid to look a little vampiric, this tutorial's for you. With dark lips like that, you won't even see the stains from feasting on the the blood of innocents! In all seriousness, Nikki is amazing at breaking down even the most complicated techniques into easy-to-follow simple steps. If you want to look classy and not clown-y, follow her directions to execute this intense look.

2. Aidette Cancino's Neon Pink-Purple Smoke and Black Lips

These eyes scream "I do my makeup for me and me alone so I don't even care for your opinion thank-you-very-much." In other words, perfect for a you-do-you kind of Valentine's Day

3. Carli Bybel's All Red Realness

So Carli intended this to be a Valentine's Day glam tutorial, but let's be real. This look is perfect for those who want to express their tortured and bloodied hearts through their makeup application. Once again, red eyeshadow for the win.

4. Amanda Ensing's Glamorous Goth Vibes

Half of the beauty of this video is her intro. Make sure you watch from 0:24 to 1:40. The girl has got wisdom and positivity for days. And once you're feeling super confident, don't forget to beat your face with 40 different products and all of the shades of black.

5. Emma's Rectangle's Simple Grungy Retro Look

This look, though insanely vampy, is completely wearable. Her soft, hazy eyes are certainly easily achievable and pair perfectly with her deep, dark red lip. Even though it's still pretty intense, this look is definitely easily achievable for those new to playing with darker colors.

6. Jordan Liberty's Glamorous Girl's Night Out Eyes

Jordan Liberty focuses on his model's absolutely gorgeous natural features and gives her a pop of color that's truly flattering to her skin tone. Whereas all the other MUA's took the dark and seductive look, Liberty focuses on celebrating the beauty of his model and putting that on display. Plus, his elevated tips and tricks are to die for.

7. Naturally Sunny's Pink Glitter Tears

For all the glitter goddess out there! What better way to play up a burgundy lip than with a monochromatic glitter tear-stained eye? Who doesn't cry glitter when lamenting the loss of a lover — or maybe even tears of joy at the arrival of a new one?

8. Farahdhukai's Super Sexy Siren

If you still want to feel a little classic on Anti-Valentine's Day, then embrace the beauty of Farah's classic and sultry tutorial.

9. Jeffree Star's "Going To Your Ex's Funeral" Glam

Nothing quite says Anti-Valentine's Day cheer like a a makeup look entitled "Going To Your Ex's Funeral." Serve it up and slay — maybe you'll even run into them and they can see what they're missing.

Are you feeling more inspired now? Good. Go put on your war paint and celebrate the beauty of how freakin' awesome you are — on Valentine's Day and every day.