This DIY Glitter Peel-Off Mask Just Might Be Better Than The Store Bought Version

Glitter is in. Actually, glitter was never out. From glitter roots at festivals to liquid glitter eyeshadows, the sparkly substance may be a pain to some, but it's certainly everything to others. Now, glitter skin care exists and a DIY glitter peel-off mask is the hottest trend. Yes, you read that right. Noww, you can craft your own glitter mask in the comfort of your home thanks to makeup artist and influencer Jake Jamie a.k.a. The Beauty Boy.

You may have a question before getting to the down and dirty DIY section, and that's what is glitter skin care? No, it's not exfoliating with glitter. That seems like a true recipe for disaster. The idea actually comes from two brands: GlamGlow and Too Faced. Both of the high-end brands have introduced masks infused with glitter, and they're both just as gorgeous as you'd think they'd be.

GlamGlow took one of their most iconic masks and repurposed it to look like the night sky was just chilling on your face. Needless to say the resulting look is stunning — but it's got major benefits, too, like reducing fine lines and helping improve elasticity.

As for Too Faced, their Glow Job mask is more than just a hilarious name. The pink-hued peel-off mask features tiny but bright particles of glitter that will give you a serious shine. Plus, Glow Job is meant to help boost radiance and improve texture.

Considering that Glow Job is sold out and GlamGlow is a whopping $70, why not create your own just like Jamie.

According to a video posted to his Instagram account, Jamie was upset that neither the GlamGlow #GLITTERMASK nor the Too Faced Glow Job would be available in the UK — where he lives — until next year. No one has the patience to wait on a glitter peel-off mask, right? Well, he won't have to wait with this concoction.

In the video, Jamie shows off the concoction for a black peel-off glitter mask that looks extremely similar to GlamGlow's own, if not even more opaque. While Jamie admits that the mask didn't peel off seamlessly, you can see from his video that the results are actually pretty amazing.

What exactly did he use to craft his DIY glitter mask? Here's how you can do it yourself.

Double Dare OMG! Man in Black Peel-Off Mask Kit

OMG Man in Black Peel-Off Mask Kit, $8, Double Dare

To get the base of the mask, Jamie used OMG's Man in Black Peel-Off mask. What does the mask do? According to the website, it's designed to be anti-aging and detoxifying.

Jeffree Star Champagne Tears Lip Ammo

Jeffree Star Lip Ammo in Champagne Tears, $18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Unfortunately, the Jeffree Star lipstick Jamie used is sold out, but it appears to have been used to give the mask a more shimmering effect. If you've got a shimmering lippie around, it may just do the trick.

NYX Glitter Brillants

NYX Glitter Brillants, $6, NYX

Of course you need glitter for a glitter mask.

As for the stars Jamie used, they're pretty much untraceable stateside, but he does explain in his original post that all glitter used is cosmetic grade and totally face-friendly. Once you find some face-friendly stars, let the world know.

If you don't want to drop $70 on GlamGlow's mask, Jamie's mask will only cost you about $35. If you can't wait for Too Face to restock Glow Job, this DIY Glitter Mask may just be your next night-in project. If it turns out anything like Jake Jamie's original, you've got a major Kirakira hit on your hands.