'The Good Place' Creator Just Revealed If The Show Will Ever Have A 'Parks & Rec' Crossover

Colleen Hayes/NBC

This is un-forking-believable. Apparently, there won't be a Good Place/Parks and Recreation crossover anytime soon, according to both those shows' creators Mike Schur. In fact, unlike the MCU there will never ever be any crossover in the Schurverse. So, is this the bad place?

While at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour on Jan. 29, TheWrap reported that Schur broke a lot of fans' hearts with an unexpected spoiler. “I want to make this very clear, that will never happen — end of story,” Schur told reporters about the chances of a any crossover between Parks and Rec, The Office, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and any other show he creates. “I’m like literally drawing a shower curtain between the universe and that idea.”

For those who say, but wait, what about Li'l Sebastian's appearance on The Good Place? Well, Schur, who was at the TCA promoting his new NBC comedy Abby's premiering March 28, says it's just for the LOLs.

“Part of the fun of doing the show has been just for literally no reason to drop Parks and Rec Easter eggs into The Good Place,” Schur told TheWrap. And that particular Easter egg was "a total coincidence" for a Good Place episode "where all the animals were walking around. We decided just for old times’ sake to get Li’l Sebastian back.”

And let's be honest, it was nice to see him even for just a few moments hanging out with Janet herself, D'Arcy Carden on Twitter. "I like the idea that Li’l Sebastian is floating around in heaven somewhere and being attended to by Janet," Schur admitted at the TCA. "That’s a nice thought to have. But it’s not a crossover.”

That's the thing about Schur's latest reveal, it doesn't mean he'll stop leaving Easter eggs, which he says he done "like, I don’t know, a dozen times" already. So no, you won't have to stop reading the fine print on the menus in The Good Place, which have already made mention of Parks and Rec's Paunch Burger. You can still be on the lookout for ads for Jean-Ralphio champagne brand, which was teased in the final season of Parks, and Dennis Feinstein's latest cologne.

Of course, if you're going to spot Schur's favorite Good Place Easter egg, you're going to have to have an eagle's eye. Yep, apparently, in the Schurverse Kanye West is going to space.

What Schur's really saying when he says no crossovers is don't expect there to be some '90s T.G.I.F.-style special episode where Leslie Knope shows up at the 99th precinct looking for Detective Jake Peralta's help. That's just not gonna happen no matter how much as you wish it would.

But, instead of being all sad about this news, treat yo self to the reality that you'll still get to hang out with Eleanor, Chidi, Michael, Tahani, Jason, and Janet again when The Good Place returns for Season 4. And who knows, if you're lucky, Li'l Sebastian will be there, too.