This ‘Good Place' Photo Hints That A Major ‘Parks & Rec' Fave Might Make A Cameo Soon

Colleen Hayes/NBC

Mike Schur created Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, and he loves dropping Easter eggs about it whenever he can. So, will Li'l Sebastian be on The Good Place? The miniature horse was beloved by citizens of Pawnee, and a few Noted Pawneeans have showed up on the comedy from time to time.

Here's why this might be happening: On November 9, actor D'Arcy Carden tweeted a photo of herself in costume as Janet, cuddling up to a mini horse that looked exactly like Li'l Sebastian. Her caption was a simple, "Hi". The official Instagram account for Parks and Recreation, which is still active on occasion, reposted it and added "1 like = 1 candle in the wind". (That's a reference to the song Andy wrote for Li'l Sebastian's memorial.) Then, The Good Place Instagram also posted Carden with the mini horse, and their caption was just about 50 candle emojis. So Entertainment Weekly asked NBC what the deal was, and they didn't respond to comment.

Fans know what that means: It's time to *Joan Callamezzo voice* speculate wildly! Just kidding; obviously, it's time to theorize about what this could possibly mean.

Spoilers for the most recent episode of The Good Place ahead.

Here's the thing about Li'l Sebastian: As great as he was to us all — unless you're Ben Wyatt, of course — he has since passed on to the li'l horsey afterlife. So far, fans have not encountered him in either the fake good place or real bad places of The Good Place. Now that the show is on Earth, though, there's a much better chance of running into him again — because time is incredibly weird.

The November 8 episode of The Good Place ended with the Soul Squad headed for a remote part of Canada, to learn how to be good from one of the best people on Earth. Ostensibly, that is. It doesn't have to be a person, since the show never revealed this character's name. So they really could be headed to meet Li'l Sebastian — if The Good Place takes place early enough in time. Bear with me on this one.

In the "Jeremy Bearimy" episode, Michael and Janet revealed that time in the afterlife moves in too many directions for most people to understand — but life on Earth moves linearly. Time on Earth also passes more slowly, So even though they went through 800 simulations of varying lengths in the so-called good place, time on Earth marched on like normal.

This is all a long way of saying that if The Good Place takes place in a time before Parks and Recreation, and we don't have any evidence that it doesn't, then they could meet the real Li'l Sebastian without it being weird. Everyone would still be alive. Now, why he'd be in a remote part of Canada is anyone's guess. Maybe there will be backstory there — written with fans of Schur's other series in mind. However, what are the the odds that it is Li'l Sebastian? And he's alive, and in a remote part of Canada? After all, everyone in Pawnee had been in love with him for years. If that show started in 2009, then when would The Good Place characters have died for that to make sense?

TBH, it's much more reasonable to assume that casting a miniature horse on The Good Place is another Easter egg Schur snuck into the show for his fans. And nothing more than that. Or... maybe he's in the bad place, and the demons are bringing him with them now that they're on Earth, too. Oh, so this is what Chidi's confusion stomachache feels like.