There's A Halo Top HOTEL Now, Complete With A Freezer Full Of Pints

Courtesy of Halo Top

This is a development that I never that I would be announcing, but here we go: There is a Halo Top hotel, or, more accurately, a Halo Top Ski Lodge. For real. Or, at least, a Halo Top Ski Lodge room. That ice cream that comes in around one billion flavors now has its own residence — and that residence is a hotel room in New Zealand. There's a new hotel room that's dedicated to all things Halo Top — and will make you feel like you're living your best life on top of a mountain of ice cream, which is a personal dream of mine.

"We've teamed up with the luxurious boutique QT hotel to bring you New Zealand's first ice cream-themed hotel room in the heart of Queenstown," the website explains. And, as hotel rooms go, I have to say that this one looks DELICIOUS. Rich colors, neon lights — it's a color palate that's going to make you hungry (but in a Tide pod, please don't actually eat that sort of way).

There's an ice cream bathtub that is dying to be photographed with you lounging in it, plus a Halo Top cocktail kit which sounds both delicious and intriguing. And, of course, there's a freezer full of Halo Top — for all of your Halo Top needs.

Unfortunately, the room is now booked out, but you can still get a chance to win a stay — if you're a New Zealand resident. New Zealanders have until July 12 to win a stay, you just have to head over to the AM Show NZ Instagram page to get your chance to win. The rest of us will just have to look longingly (and hungrily) from afar.

Halo Top

It's safe to say that brands have been taking it to the next level recently with some of their offerings. No longer are food brands just providing food — there are entire experiences tied in.

Taco Bell was one of the earliest to break ground on this brave new world — they recently launched a Taco Bell hotel called "The Bell", but they were specializing in experiences long before that. And I'm not just talking about throwing a party in a Taco Bell, I'm talking about the fact that you can get married in an actual Taco Bell in Las Vegas, because branding is about so much more than the food on offer — it's about invading every nook and cranny of your life and filling it with burrito-y goodness.

Halo Top is a relatively new addition to the market of delicious goodies, but they've already developed a pretty cultish following in a short time. Though they've mostly focused on rolling out flavor after flavor after flavor, they've recently branched out with the announcement of Halo Top milkshakes at Subway, which are being tested at 1,000 locations around the country. Between that and the new hotel room, it may be that life is going to become a lot more Halo Top-y in the future.

Sadly, if you're not in New Zealand you'll just have to keep dreaming of ice cream mountains — but if you happen to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, you have until July 12 to try your shot at happiness. Do it for the rest of us — and eat every drop of ice cream in the place.