This Restaurant's Magical Harry Potter Brunch Includes Bottomless Butterbeer

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If you thought brunch was cool before, I have exciting news that just might knock you off your broomstick: there is a Harry Potter-themed brunch party coming to New York, and you can consider this your official Hogwarts welcome letter.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and fans around the world are finding new and exciting ways to celebrate the series' major milestone. In New York, the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit will make its stateside debut at the New-York Historical Society. In London, lucky witches and wizards will have the chance to embark on a Harry Potter river cruise down the Thames. At Books-A-Million locations across the country, Potterheads will be able to flock to the first-ever Harry Potter Books Night in the United States. All over the globe, fans of the beloved children's book series turned multi-billion dollar franchise are coming up with different ways to honor, enjoy, celebrate, and engage with Harry Potter, including food-centric events like the recently announced brunch in Manhattan's Midtown.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, Potterheads are invited to don their house robes and head to New York's 5th & Mad for a magical, Hogwarts-inspired brunch featuring themed foods, games, contests, and prizes. Like any good Start-of-Term Feast, the enchanting event kicks off by sorting guests into their respective houses. Throughout the rest of the brunch, attendees have the opportunity to win points for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw by answering Harry Potter trivia questions. Guests are encouraged to don their best Harry Potter-style glasses, Dumbledore-inspired beard, or Hogwarts House colors, and a special award will be given to the best dressed.

As the best scenes from the Harry Potter film play in the background of the brunch, aspiring witches and wizards in attendance will be treated to a food spread worthy of a feast at the Great Hall. (Don't worry, as far as we can tell, this event is S.P.E.W. approved and no house-elves were harmed in the making of this delicious meal.) The best part? You won't need to place the Undetectable Extension Charm on the drink glasses, because this heavenly brunch comes with bottomless butterbeer.

As many Potterheads will attest, one of the best and most alluring parts of the series is the mouthwatering food. Fans have plenty of resources to try and recreate their favorites at home, but this unique brunch will give hungry Harry stans a chance to be served their favorite fantasy foods, Great Hall-style. While the event press release doesn't specify what kind of Hogwarts-inspired dishes will be offered, we can only hope some of our favorite foods Harry Potter will be included on the menu. Can you really call it a Harry Potter inspired meal if there are no pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, or Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans present? Guests of this brunch will be the judges.

Hosted by 5th & Mad, the same team that brought Mean Girls and Clueless to the New York brunch scene, this Harry Potter-themed brunch is not only a dream come true for adult fans who like celebrating their fandom with a cocktail in hand, but it's also a great deal for those trying to save their silver Sickles. Tickets cost $40, and the pricing includes a two course brunch meal (main and dessert), as well as the hour of Bottomless Butterbeer, or, for picky Muggles, prosecco.

If you're in New York or have access to the city's Floo Network, you might want to buy tickets fast, because there are only two chances to enjoy this magical dining experience. 5th & Mad are hosting two sittings on Saturday, Feb. 17 at 12pm and 2:30pm, and spots are limited. Snag yours now, because these will be gone faster than you can say "treacle tart."