Kylie Jenner Is Making A Vlog All About Her Lip Fillers Because Of Course She Is

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There is one thing all women, children, and even middle aged men know about the Kardashians — Kylie Jenner is the one with the lips. It was her thing even before Lip Kits were here. In fact, they are the sole reason that the product was born in the first place.

So, when Kylie Jenner announced that she's editing a vlog about her lip fillers, it's safe to say that no one was surprised. That being said, you will still watch it, and Jenner knows it. Although she didn't give too many details just yet, the 21-year-old did say in a tweet that the video would be about her "whole lip filler journey." That likely means that it will feature her decision to get lip fillers, the process of how she did, and then her recent decision to remove her fillers.

Don't think that it's coming any time soon, though. Jenner is a new mom, has an extremely successful cosmetics company, so she's pretty darn busy. Here's what she had to say when one fan asked about the status of the vlog:

"The vlog is just a whole mess & I’ve been the busiest I’ve everrrr been," Jenner said in the tweet. "I’m editing myself. It’s about my whole lip filler journey. I hope it comes out soon."

In case you've been living under a rock since 2015, Jenner famously decided to get lip fillers when she was 15 years old. On a Life Of Kylie episode, she explained that she decided to get them after a boy pointed out that she had small lips.

"I had really small lips, and it was, like, one of my first kisses, and a guy was like, 'I didn't think you'd be a good kisser because you have such small lips," Jenner said in a Life Of Kylie episode. "I took that really hard."

Jenner decided to stay silent on her decision to get fillers for a while. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians she said, "I have temporary lip fillers. It's just an insecurity of mine and it's what I wanted to do."

Of course, she then had the ultimate clap back by creating her Lip Kits. The liner and lipstick sets launched Kylie Cosmetics, which has now played a significant roll in Jenner becoming a self-made "billionaire."

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Jenner wasn't playing around when she said that the lip fillers were temporary, either. In Summer 2018, the then 20-year-old announced that she had gotten rid of "all of her fillers," after a fan said that she looked like the old Kylie again.

Fillers or no filler, people are interested in Jenner's lips. To no surprise, fans are super excited to hear that the lip-centered journey is coming to a YouTube account near you. With Jenner shooting and editing the vlog, she has the ability to be in control of the conversation.

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People aren't just excited about the vlog. The Twitter thread shows people excited that she will be utilizing YouTube more too. This could be the start of a brand new look into Jenner's life.