This Pic Of The Queen Contains A Sweet Surprise For Meghan & Harry Fans — Can You Spot It?

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New photos of the British royal family are always welcome, and on Wednesday, a never-before-seen photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came to light thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, as reported by E! News. Photographs were taken of a Wednesday meeting between the Queen and George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, at Buckingham Palace. In the image of the Queen and Brandis, a framed picture on one of her end tables can be seen and it's of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

As you can see in the zoomed-in photograph below, Harry is sporting a blue suit, white collared dress shirt, and a dark tie. As for Markle, she's in a light-colored dress (possibly white or a pale blue) and has her hand resting on Harry's chest. As blurry as the image is, it's still gorgeous. These two never take a bad photo.

It's unclear where or when the picture was taken, but Harry's suit definitely resembles the same one he was wearing when the beloved couple announced their engagement in November 2017. The former Suits star's outfit differs, since she was wearing a dark dress with a white jacket during their first official appearance as an engaged couple. However, she could've always changed her outfit for another photo opportunity on the same day her engagement was revealed. Or, this unseen photo of them was simply snapped at a completely different time. Harry could always have more than one blue suit or has worn this same one multiple times.

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According to Hello! magazine, it's quite possible the image was taken by Alexi Lubomirski, the photographer who took both their engagement and their wedding photos. As suggested by Hello!, Lubomirski could've snapped some pictures for the family that were to be only for personal use. Marie Claire echoed a similar thought and wondered if Markle and Harry had a private photo shoot separate from their engagement and wedding pictures.

Whatever the case, the above image is beautiful like all of the other pictures Lubomirski has taken of the newlyweds and their family. It's clearly not a hard job to photograph Harry and Markle.

Like Lubomirski told Reuters in after the May 19 royal wedding about the wedding photos, "It was just one of those magical moments, when you're a photographer and everything falls into place." He also said, "One word that I really kept throwing around in my head was 'familial', because when we did the engagement pictures and you got the sense that they were together, that black and white picture when they were really embracing and hugging, and you felt that love."

He truly adores taking photos of them, because their love is so honest and real. "It was wonderful to get that instantaneous read on them," he told CBS This Morning in April about taking photos celebrating their engagement. "Because, you know, love is — when you see young love or any — any love when it [is] in its genesis stage, it's the most beautiful thing to see. And I'm a cheeseball, so I love that kind of stuff."

Who knows if Lubomirski also took the never-before-seen image, but the royal family is strict about which photos they release to the public — and when they put them on display. They typically release pictures in an official capacity and on special occasions, like birthdays, engagements, and weddings. So, to see this photo of Harry and Markle, albeit blurry, is a rare opportunity.

It's also sweet to know the Queen has a framed photograph of Harry and Markle in Buckingham Palace. It shows how much she adores not only her grandson and Markle individually, but them as a couple.