Why Alexis Ohanian Doesn't Mind Being Known As "Serena Williams' Husband"

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Alexis Ohanian/Twitter

Alexis Ohanian is married to one of the most famous athletes in the world, but he doesn't mind sharing the spotlight. In a Twitter thread early on Wednesday, Alexis Ohanian talked about his marriage to Serena Williams, and it sounds like he doesn't mind at all that his wife is more widely recognized than he is.

As a co-founder of Reddit, Ohanian is well-recognized in the tech field — but even his entrepreneurial success can't mass his wife's tennis renown. And one fan decided to ask Ohanian about it, tweeting, "Do you get salty being described as Serena's husband?" Ohanian could have responded with just a few words, but he decided to give a lengthier response about his wife. He wrote,

"I don't mind at all. Only a few hundred million people use @reddit every month and only a small percentage of them know who I am. (Far, far more people have cheered for my wife; specifically, for the last two decades) Just math."

Ohanian didn't downplay his success, noting that he does get recognized by some Reddit users. And in a tweet on Monday, Ohanian wrote that he is recognized as a Reddit co-founder in certain cities, like San Francisco. But he still noted that his wife's recognition far outweighs his own, and he doesn't mind being referred to as "Serena's husband."

Williams and Ohanian are incredibly successful in their own fields, but he doesn't see that as a competition or as a threat to their relationship. His tweet shows that he isn't insecure about how renowned his wife is — in fact, it makes him love her even more.

Williams and Ohanian got married last November, and married life seems to be suiting them well. The two welcomed their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., last September, and the trio seem to be the perfect happy family. Earlier this month, Ohanian and Williams marked their daughter's first birthday with some behind-the-scenes Instagram footage from the day baby Alexis was born.

The Reddit co-founder also shared a video in August that shows just how comfortable he is with being recognized as "Serena Williams' husband." Ohanian posed with Williams' fans for a video, sharing messages from fans who wanted to pass along their admiration for Williams. He wrote on Twitter,

"Usually people pitch me their startup when they spot me out in the wild. This last week, they all want me to pass along a message to my wife. Can't say I hate it."

It's 2018, and there are plenty of different ways for people to be equal partners in today's day and age. Whatever a couple's individual career fields and expertise are, what matters is that the two of them support each other in their endeavors. Based on Ohanian's message on Wednesday, as well as the video he tweeted last month, it looks like that's definitely the case for him and Williams. And if he's stopped on the street because of his marriage, it sounds like he's totally fine with that.