Check Out Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Contestants On Snapchat

ABC/Paul Hebert

The 13th season of Bachelorette has officially begun, and you know what that means: time to stalk some dudes from the TV! Just because they're handsome contestants on a dating reality show doesn't mean these dudes can't be found on social media; in fact, a few of them seem to be thriving there, and their posts give us an interesting window into what they want to present to the world, as opposed to what ABC shows us. Already they've shown up on Instagram and on Twitter — but are any of Rachel's Bachelorette contestants on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, while a whopping majority of Rachel's Bachelorette contestants have Instagram accounts, the number who've also officially made the journey to Snapchat are few and far between; where there are close to 30 of Rachel's contestants on Instagram, only seven are on Snapchat so far. Pretty understandable, given that former Bachelorette Kaitlin once spoiled the show by snapping a pic of her and Shawn before the season was over — heck, Rachel herself doesn't even have a Snapchat account, probably so she doesn't accidentally give anything away either. But if you're dying to see if you can get some spoilers, or just want to follow these dudes in their post-Bachelorette life, be sure to add these usernames to your friend list:

Brady Ervin: @BradyErvin

Brady's a male model, so odds are his Snapchat's got to be full of some awesome behind the scenes photoshoot shenanigans, right?

DeMario: @JacksonDemario

I'll definitely understand if you don't want to follow him after the crap he pulled by showing up at the mansion after he was dropped for having ex-girlfriend drama already — although let's be real, that was probably the producers' faults, wasn't it?

Diggy: @Diggy0383

Diggy seems to have an active presence on Snapchat taking videos for his story. He lives in Chicago, Illinois and already appears to be really into making food recommendations.

Fred: @RealFredJohnson

Maybe if enough people follow him, Fred will start showing off pages of his shared yearbook with Rachel?

Iggy: @iggy_rodriguez

Another contestant from Chicago who runs a consulting firm, Iggy's sure to have some kind of a bromance going in with Diggy by the end of the season. They live in the same town and their names rhyme? Perfect.

Josiah: @JG_Esquire

Rachel's also a lawyer, so clearly the two already have a lot to talk about. But is Josiah the type of dude to regularly update his Snapchat? We'll see!

Lee: @itsleegarrett

Lee seems really into country music judging by his Instagram, so maybe if you keep checking back to his Snapchat, you'll see him croon out a tune or two? At the very least, here's hoping his snaps are better than his tweets.

Of course, odds are that none of these guys are going to be careless enough to spill the beans about who wins Rachel's hand this season, because they probably wouldn't be allowed to have those Instagram accounts either. Guess we'll have to keep checking into The Bachelorette to see for ourselves!