All The Clues That Spencer Had A Twin In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 That You Probably Missed

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If you've been obsessing over the show since the very first episode aired, then you were likely already on board with one of the many twin theories in Pretty Little Liars. There were a ton of them, from day one. Now that we've all gasped our way through the finale, it's time that we went back over all of the clues that Spencer had a twin in PLL season 7, because I have a feeling that some of us (especially me) might have missed a few.

Which is easily done. There were so many viable theories to be looking out for evidence of throughout Season 7. I mean, personally, the theory that Spencer had an evil twin on PLL felt nowhere near as scandalous as those that suggested that Ezra was A.D. or even that Aria was secretly Mary Drake's third child, who had been out for revenge the whole time. And so, throughout season 7, I was preoccupied with other characters when I should have been focusing on Spencer.

And if you were the same as me, then you might just need to take a look at some of these clues about A.D. that you might have missed. Whether on the show or sprinkled throughout cast interviews and season promos, this is one reveal that we should have seen coming.

1. Dr. Cochran Mentioned That Mary Drake Had More Than Two Babies

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Cochran may have seemed unreliable on many levels, but we maybe should have paid more attention to him when he told Spencer and Aria that he'd delivered "two of her babies," in regards to Mary. Because of course. One of them was Alex.

2. Hanna's Bogus Dream About Spencer

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Not only was Hanna abducted by A.D. not long after her dream (suspicious), but this "dream Spencer" also references A.D. long before Hanna is aware of her.

3. Spencer's Bangs Had Disappeared In The Dream


In retrospect, this should have officially raised the alarm for all of us.

4. Spencer's Strange, Shady Meeting With Wren

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I mean, it seemed implausible that she should even be spending time with someone as shady as Wren. But to then ask Ezra to keep the whole thing a secret? Uh, OK.

5. Spencer's Look Was Also Totally Different At The Airport


Aside from the fact that we'd just seen Spencer stressing out at the Lost Woods Resort and now she was suddenly at the airport looking chill, there was also the fact that her outfit had completely changed too. Did she get changed on the back of a speeding motorbike to the airport? I think not.

6. Spencer's Watch Has Been Switching Wrists All Season


Eagle-eyed PLL fans had started believing the twin theory when they noticed that Spencer's watch was changing wrists all season.

7. Spencer Suddenly Became Left Handed During Her Ping Pong Match With Marco


The watch detail makes even more sense when you remember that Spencer switched her paddle to her left hand during this match. Which, as suggested by Wetpaint, might not have been such a big deal had we not seen Spencer's right handed serve during her tennis lessons with Alex in the first season of the show

8. Mary Drake Dropped A Reference To Twins

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In the Season 7 premiere, Mary commented that Melissa and Spencer looked "almost like twins" in a photo of the two sisters together.

9. Spencer's Letter From Mary Wasn't Addressed Specifically To Her

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We all assumed that the letter Spencer was rewarded with after completing one of the board game tasks was for her. But considering that it doesn't have a name on it, the letter could have easily have actually been for Alex.

10. Spencer Was Acting Strange With Toby In The Cabin

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Not only was her ensemble totally off for Spencer, but she also acted forward toward Toby while he was still mourning Yvonne's death. And that's not Spencer's style. As Toby said to her, "That doesn’t sound like the Spencer I know."

11. She Also Shared A Strange Moment With Caleb


When Caleb reveals to Spencer that he and Hanna are married, she reacts in a creepy manner. Would the Spencer that we know really request that Caleb never forget their brief fling and say that she won't forget it either? Right after he married one of her besties, no less?

12. Emily & Alison's Twin Daughters Foreshadowed The Big Reveal


Just in case you'd missed every other recurring twin motif throughout PLL's seven seasons, there was also this moment early on in the finale to remind us about twins one last time.

13. A.D. Makes So Much More Sense Now

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Of course, it stands for Alex Drake. Many online sleuths had long speculated that the D of A.D. stood for Drake (with some fans hoping it stood for Aria Drake), but few had put together that, back in the Dollhouse episode, the initials "A" and "S" were featured in Spencer's bedroom. To indicate the initials of a certain set of separated twins, obviously.

14. This Poignant Mirror Image Shot


OK, you got me. This isn't from Season 7, but also from the Dollhouse episode. As the Liars try to escape, they stare into a two-way mirror only to see A staring back. And, as mentioned on Tumblr by PrettyLittleSessions, it's Spencer who happens to be lined up perfectly with the figure.

15. Troian Belissario's Sneaky Twitter Bio

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As pointed out by Bustle editor Jamie Primeau on Twitter, Bellissario stated on her Twitter bio that she "only sometimes" plays "this chick Spencer Hastings on this show Pretty Little Liars." She was toying with us the whole time.

16. This Season 7 Poster

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As pointed out by Just Jared Jr, a hidden clue in the official PLL poster for Season 7 seemed to cleverly indicate that Spencer was the one to watch. While the other four Liars are framed in such a way that that we only see one of their eyes each, Spencer is framed in such a way that we see both of hers. One eye for Spencer, and one eye for Alex.

We should have all known that Spencer's evil twin had been A.D. the whole time. But, then again, while some of these clues were obvious, others went right over a lot of people's heads. Including mine.