All The Times Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Have Been Style Twins

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may have to abide by the same royal fashion rules, but it doesn't mean that they're sartorial twins all the time. However, these ladies seem to channel one another, and when Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear twin outfits, royal fashion fans love it. While the duel duchesses have pretty different styles, it doesn't prevent them from seeming taking inspiration from one another.

Markle and Middleton may not have the exact same sense of style, but they certain do have one thing in common. People love to know what they're wearing. From affordable finds like Meghan Markle's J. Crew coat (offers sizes XXXS-3XL) to designer dresses like Kate Middleton's recycled turquoise Jenny Packham gown (offers sizes 0-12), lovers of royal fashion can't get enough no matter what either duchess choose to wears.

There's also fun in the fact that their typical styles are quite different. Markle tends to buck tradition a bit more than Middleton, but then again, Middleton's husband Prince William is next line for the throne (after his father, of course). Whatever the reason, though, their disparate styles mean that if you're a lover of classic silhouettes and more conservative styles, Middleton may be your style icon. If you're more into structured details and fashion forward looks, it's probably all about Markle for you.

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Their differences are what makes the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex twin moments so memorable, and while they don't happen as often as fans would like, it's a total moment when Middleton and Markle inadvertently twin.

1. Matching Tartan In Scotland

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The most recent twinning moment happened today when Kate Middleton wore a tartan dress from Alexander McQueen (offers sizes 00-12) in Scotland. The frock was totally reminiscent of Meghan Markle's tartan Buberry coat (offers sizes 00-12) from her own trip to Scotland with Prince Harry.

2. Burgundy Ensembles

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During the holiday season, Markle and Middleton didn't just step out in coordinated burgundy ensembles, but they did so on the same day! While the looks are different, the similar hue, hairstyle, and footwear definitely made this a twinning moment.

3. Yellow Dresses

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Markle's vibrant yellow Brandon Maxwell dress (offers sizes 0-12) was so different for the Duchess who usually sticks to neutral or demur hues. Then, only a week later, Middleton stepped out in the same color for Wimbledon. The Duchess of Cambridge, however, has worn yellow before. While twinning, this was definitely more of a major moment for Markle.

4. Asymmetrical LBDs

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The necklines on both duchesses' dresses are just too similar not to be a total twinning moment. With similar lengths, the recognizable asymmetrical neckline, and a sheath silhouette, this was definitely another moment where their fashion aligned.

5. Blazers & Jeans

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Not only do both duchesses seem to love to pair blazers and jeans, but they've also worn similar patterns before as well.

6. Emilia Wickstead Designs

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Emilia Wickstead (offers sizes 0-12) has been one of Middleton's favorites designers even repeating the dresses, but now, Markle has begun to wear the designer. The silhouettes of the dresses are definitely similar, and Markle wearing Wickstead's designs certainly could be influenced by Middleton.

7. Patterened Maxi Dresses

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While neither Markle nor Middleton embrace patterns all that much, when they do, both women seem to enjoy flowing floral dresses. Considering that Markle was in Australia and Middleton was in India when they were these dresses, it's definitely something they twin in when the weather and occasion calls for it.

8. Royal Purple

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In one of their most recent twinning moments, Markle and Middleton embraced way more color than usual. While the Duchess of Cambridge is more inclined to wear brighter items than Markle, both ladies stunned in what else, royal purple, only a week apart from one another.

While the duel duchesses' twinning moments may not happen all the time, remember that Markle has only been a member of the royal family for a little over a year (including the engagement). Here's to plenty of more moments to come from this fashionable pair.