'American Horror Story' Fans Will Love These Scary Season 8 Spoilers

Prepare for a return to good, old-fashioned scares, American Horror Story fans. As reported by Variety, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed new American Horror Story Season 8 spoilers that suggest the show is getting back to its spooky roots. During an Emmy panel, he revealed the new season's tone will be closer to Asylum and Coven, than the more grounded horror of Cult. This is good news for anyone who has been missing the supernatural side of the series.

In true Murphy fashion, the showrunner didn't reveal much in the way of specific details, aside from clarifying his previous statements about the season's future setting. While there had been speculation that AHS would be heading into a post-apocalyptic scenario or possibly even Black Mirror territory, it now seems that the jump forward won't be as far as you may have expected. At the panel, he reportedly revealed, "It is set in the near future. I will say it is set 18 months from today."

Well, that's specific, and no, it's not an accident. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy urged fans to research what might be happening in 18 months. The clue is vague, but at least it's a starting point. Although, a cursory search only reveals one major event in September 2019 so far — the release of the second installment of the horror movie It.

Given how much thought he puts into his themes, you can bet there's something going on that lends itself to scares. When the news that the season would be future-set was first announced in January, Murphy promised it would be "topical." With Brexit looming in March 2019, perhaps there's a hint hiding in plain sight.

Whatever's going on during that month, the world will still need hairdressers, because Evan Peters is set to play one in Season 8. During the panel, Murphy revealed that his longtime star would be playing a more comedic role after he took on multiple characters in Cult. His character also happens to be the grandson to Joan Collins' character, and that alone has the potential to make Season 8 must-see.

The rest of the cast is set to include Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, Billy Eichner, and Leslie Grossman. THR also reports that Murphy is in talks with Anjelica Huston, but nothing has been confirmed about her involvement in the series just yet. One thing is certain, as always, the AHS Season 8 cast is stacked with incredible actors, and there may be more announcements to come. At the panel, Porter asked Murphy if the new season would include more inclusive roles, and he revealed at least three of the leads would be played by non-white actors.

Murphy's final hints had more to do with the technical side of things, but they're no less exciting. Filming on the new season is set to start in June, and Paulson and Peters are both slated to make their AHS directorial debuts in Season 8. Since they've been with the franchise since it began, it's about time that they were given a chance to step behind the camera.

Given how few details Murphy is usually willing to offer up before a new season of AHS, this is a virtual bounty of spoilers. Even though viewers have to guess why the show is heading into the not-so-distant future, the exact timeline has been revealed, as has much of the cast. However, the theme remains a mystery, because even though Murphy was clearly in a generous mood, there's no way the master of TV secrets is going to give everything away this early in the game.