This Ice Cream Shop Needs YOUR HELP Creating A Flavor For Meghan & Harry's Wedding

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Listen, all the news about the upcoming royal wedding is romantic and all, but we need to respect where true romance lies: ice cream. No human being will ever be able to make you feel the way ice cream tastes, and that is a fact proven by science. (By "science" I mean my mouth, but no need to get into semantics.) Now, though, you can have your romance and eat it too, because Ample Hills Creamery needs help picking an ice cream flavor for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding. So much help, in fact, that they've opened it up as a contest and invited all the ice cream lovers in the land.

"Hear ye, hear ye!" reads the post announcing the contest on the Brooklyn-based creamery's Instagram page. "You are cordially invited to join Ample Hills in celebrating the Royal Wedding on May 19th! Ample Hills wants to create ice cream fit for a queen, and we need your help. In the comments below, submit your most regal flavor ideas and names; think great British treats like Earl Grey, lemon drizzle cake or sticky toffee pudding. We're looking to crown a winning flavor that 'suits' Prince Harry and America’s sweetheart, Meghan Markle, as they prepare to say 'I do'!"

The prize? Aside from taking pride in the knowledge that you changed the course of ice cream history during an iconic cultural moment, Ample Hills Creamery will ship the winner four pints of the winning flavor. All you have to do is consult your noggin, come up with a flavor, and post it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #amplehillsroyalwedding.

Strapped for ideas? Never fear, y'all. Inspiration for royal wedding flavors is all around us. In fact, we might even have too many possibilities for ingredients, because Meghan Markle is a known foodie and has very strong opinions. This is a woman who pioneered a toasted oatmeal brulée! Who graced the internet with the perfect recipe for red wine hot chocolate! Who said to heck with royal tradition, and chose lemon elderflower as her wedding cake flavor! As members of the internet and Meghan Markle stans, we need to do her justice in our vigilant ice cream brainstorming. A few ideas to get you started ...

Lemon Elderflower As A Base

Flexing her foodie muscles for the whole world to see, Meghan and Harry opted for a lemon elderflower-flavored wedding cake — a departure from fruit cake, which is the traditional royal wedding option. The good news for ice cream eaters is that the tangy, floral flavor is the perfect vehicle for just about any dessert mix-in you can imagine. My personal preference is bread pudding (and I already entered the contest with that, so, uh, hands off), but you could mix it with a version of Eton mess, flavored jams, Earl Grey-flavored biscuits, or any number of desserts that have British vibes.

A Mix Of British/American Flavors

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Think of all those aggressively "American" desserts like apple pie, Twinkies, and s'mores. The think of all the aggressively "British" desserts, like custard, sticky toffee pudding, and fruit cake. Yes, this has the potential to inspire a truly unholy combination of desserts, but that's the risk you take when you play the royal wedding ice cream game.

Berkshire Honey

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I'd never heard the words "Berkshire honey" before, but according to Town & Country, that's the flavor of ice cream that Prince William and Kate Middleton served at their wedding alongside a sherry trifle and chocolate parfait. There is literally no dessert flavor on earth that honey doesn't pair with, so let your imaginations go WILD, folks.

The contest started on April 2, and doesn't appear to have a deadline — but with the royal wedding fast approaching, odds are they're going to be making decisions quickly. Get your submission in now using the hashtag #amplehillsroyalwedding. The future of ice cream and Meghan Markle's dessert legacy depends on it.