Buckle Up For Archie & Veronica’s Rollercoaster Romance In ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

by Allie Gemmill
Cate Cameron/The CW

Things are only going to get more intense in Season 2 of Riverdale, and this latest news proves it. Not only has the trailer teased big events like Hiram Lodge's arrival and Fred's recovery from being shot at Pop's Diner in the finale, but it looks like Archie and Veronica's relationship in Season 2 will be getting incredibly sexy, but weirdly, from the sound of things, it might only lead to complications for them, as well as for their friends and family. Riverdale may be heating up in Season 2 thanks to this couple, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing.

One of the juicy new Season 2 tidbits fans have learned, thanks to EW's ongoing coverage of Riverdale, is that Archie and Veronica's relationship is not slowing down anytime soon; the hormones are flowing pretty heavily between these two. In fact, Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica, described just how fast things will gets for the couple.

"We’re even more sexual now. Death brings out certain passions or thirst for life. So they’ve definitely been friskier," she told EW. "But I think now because of all this darkness and stuff in Archie’s life and Veronica’s as well, their relationship does feel more grounded. It has more substance than just physical." While it's certainly intriguing that Archie and Veronica are getting sexier in Season 2, Mendes' comments that death has an unintentional sexy side effect on them is a bit unusual, right?

Of course, Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa clarified Mendes' comments slightly by telling EW, "It’s sort of a bit more primal and volatile than say Jughead and Betty are," when it comes to Archie and Veronica's relationship, but it's still troubling nonetheless. Sure, these two have shown they like to live life a little faster than Betty and Jughead (although those two are getting pretty sexy, too), but what kind of death-related event could be driving these two into each other's arms? Because if it's not Jason Blossom's death, then it could mean the mortal peril Fred Andrews finds himself in or maybe it's the recent death of Clifford Blossom?

There's no two ways about it: the stakes are high on Riverdale in Season 2. The trailer does hint that as our favorite residents attempt to move on with their lives, the investigation into who hurt Fred, whether Clifford died by suicide, and even the processing of the truth behind Jason's murder is going to take a toll on everyone. That means emotions are going to run high and people are like to do irrational, emotional things. Just look at Archie holding a gun in the trailer. Is he going to avenge his father's shooting? As such, it's not too, too much of a surprise that Archie and Veronica would try and find an emotional outlet by choosing to make love, not war (well, metaphorically speaking, that is).

There's no doubt the Season 2 will bring with it a lot of complications, and the way Archie and Veronica process those complications is going to be manifesting in a variety of ways. No doubt, these two won't be able to keep their intense relationship on the DL for too long, which means that in one way or another, their possibly rash actions could have a negative effect on their friends and families.

And as if the process of Archie and Veronica's increasingly intense relationship wasn't enough to set off alarm bells about ensuing complications, then perhaps the arrival of Hiram Lodge will. Mendes noted to EW that perhaps the only force strong enough to tame an undone Veronica is Hiram himself. "I think he’s investing a little bit in Archie and Veronica doesn’t know what he’s up to. And Veronica’s gonna turn into daddy’s little girl trying to impress him." Something tells me Archie may have a tougher time impressing Hiram than he had with Clifford, and that may only be made more difficult by the fact that the unpredictable Veronica could completely change around her father.

Riverdale Season 2 is promising big, exciting things, but perhaps the most exciting thing of all is witnessing how Archie and Veronica's relationship will progress. Are you ready?