'Bach's Amanda & Josh May Be Working Things Out

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing gold can stay, and Bachelor fans certainly know that. The latest alleged Bachelor breakup? Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, who met and fell in love on Bachelor In Paradise 3. Reports of an alleged split began to surface at the end of 2016, but they’ve been seen together lately. Are Bachelor pair Amanda and Josh still together?

As mentioned, Amanda and Josh met in Mexico filming Bachelor In Paradise 3, and they were inseparable from that moment. They spent most of the time in paradise smooching, boating, and watching Josh eat personal pan pizzas, which, if you ask me, isn’t a bad way to spend six weeks. Then, as the sun was setting on a gorgeous Mexican beach, Josh proposed, and Amanda accepted. Post-Paradise, the two moved in together, and things seemed to be going well… until reports of Amanda and Josh’s breakup surfaced. But wait—Amanda and Josh were spotted together as 2016 ended in a mall just outside of Atlanta (that’s Josh’s hometown). What does it all mean? Are they working things out? Are they still together? Is this just a publicity thing for The Bachelor? I assumed that a breakup announcement would be made on the Bachelor introduction special on New Year’s Day, but nothing happened. This makes me think that they’re trying to work on things still.

The only people that know if Josh and Amanda are still together are Josh and Amanda, so I guess Bachelor fans just have to wait for an official announcement before we can have any certainties. If they’re trying to work on their relationship, more power to them — but let us know, you guys! You’re killing me with the suspense.