Where 'RHONY' Stars Bethenny & Luann Stand Now

Working with a person for a long time is a strange experience. Even if you don't like him or her when you first meet, after over a decade on the job, that person probably becomes family. You look at someone enough and you learn to care about them — mostly. That's why Luann and Bethenny have developed a relationship on Real Housewives Of New York. They've both been on the show since Season 1, and both know where all of the bodies are buried. They've had their spats on and off, but are Bethenny and Luann still friends on Real Housewives Of New York? Things seem complicated, yet again.

Bethenny and Luann got a break from each other when Bethenny took a break from Real Housewives Of New York after Season 3, but she popped back in for Season 7 freshly divorced and ready for more time with her frenemies. Fights between Bethenny and Luann have ranged from Luann allegedly taking credit for creating the Skinnygirl margarita to Bethenny calling Luann a snake and saying that she f*cks everyone, but mostly, they're copacetic.

Bethenny was the one who told Luann that Tom, her ex-husband, was cheating on her, and Bethenny was also one of the women who got Luann in rehab after a 2018 intervention. For every fight they have, Luann and Bethenny seem to support each other. But a clip for an upcoming episode of Real Housewives Of New York shows Luann talking badly about Bethenny and saying that she doesn't care if she hurt her feelings. Say what? I thought we were good here!

It's hard to tell if they're friends right now, because it doesn't seem like Bethenny and Luann hang out a lot socially when they're not filming. Their Instagram accounts don't feature each other, but it's not surprising because both Bethenny and Luann have kids and jobs and things to do that don't involve taking selfies with their fellow cast members. They probably see each other, but how will we know if the cameras aren't there?

Luann's intervention (during which Luann asked Dennis Shields, Bethenny's late boyfriend, for $6 million) wasn't during filming, and Bethenny was still there for that, as she's discussed on the show. According to Page Six, Luann says that she and Bethenny fight "a lot" this season, but so what? They have always fought like cats and dogs only to make up later and be there for each other when it really counted. Any bump in the road that we see on television is probably just that — a bump.

Not to mention the fact that Bethenny and Luann had both come off of traumatic years when Season 11 started. Luann had another stint in rehab, and Dennis died unexpectedly for Bethenny prior to filming. Both women were reeling from their respective issues, and anyone that's trying to come to terms with such an event is going to lash out to their loved ones. It's not healthy, but it's life. Things are hard, and the cameras don't stop rolling. That's why Bethenny and Luann, despite their spats, will always be friends.