Dean & Lesley Could Be Living Together After 'Bachelor Winter Games'


Some secrets on The Bachelor are well kept. Others, like the fact that Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy are still dating after their time on The Bachelor Winter Games, well, they’re not as well kept. Considering that the endgame of these shows is supposed to be a secret, Dean and Lesley are doing a pretty poor job of hiding their love for each other. But alas — what can you do? We can all just sit back and enjoy their love. Things seem to be moving fast for these two, so will Dean and Lesley move in together after Bachelor Winter Games? They may be ready for the next steps in their relationship.

These two got on like a house on fire (sorry, This Is Us fans) from the moment the show started. I don’t know if they had eyes on each other from before filming or what, but there was basically no going back for Dean and Lesley. She had a doubt about him for like, one second, and that was it, and it all had to do with his behavior on Bachelor In Paradise last summer. Playing both women against the middle isn’t a good look, Dean. But he knows that now, and all is well.

As I previously mentioned, Dean and Lesley are not hiding their relationship well. Dean confirmed to Us Weekly that they were in a relationship, firstly, saying that he was "incredibly happy" with her and he hoped they’d go the distance. Lesley told People that she and Dean bonded over breast cancer. She said:

“We bonded over the fact that both of our moms had breast cancer and his mom unfortunately passed away. He knew about my surgery and my recent double mastectomy. He had the sweetest things to say about it. He was like, ‘I commend you so much for doing that.’ We’re very different people, but that’s attractive in a way. He drew me in!"

Lesley is playing it coy, social posts don’t lie. Lesley and Dean clearly spent Valentine’s Day 2018 together, as they posted the same experiences at the same places at the same time on the same day. Listen, Dean and Lesley — I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. Viewers aren’t fools, and we know you’re together. Are pictures like this supposed to throw me off the scent?

There's no doubt that Dean and Lesley care for each other, but their cohabitation could be a little complicated. Dean is based in Los Angeles (it says so on his Instagram bio), and Lesley's a nomad. Her literal job is to move around the world — she's a travel writer with her own blog, and it says she lives out of a suitcase. Does she even keep an apartment? It would actually make sense for her to move in with Dean because then she wouldn't have to keep an apartment that she barely lives in! Right now, her Instagram bio says that she's in Honduras, but Dean and Lesley also spent Valentine's Day in Southern California. So, she seems to be making Cali pit stops between travels to see Dean. Maybe they already live together.

Of course, ABC is prepping viewers for something big to happen between Lesley and Dean. The promos for the reunion of The Bachelor Winter Games show Dean down on one knee in front of Lesley.

But before your get your socks bunched up, let's face it — anything that's displayed that up front on television is not what we think it is. Dean could have just bent down to tie his shoes or something. Still, ABC is pushing hard.

Look — whether these two get engaged or not or move in together or not, what matters is that they're happy. Dean and Lesley seem perfectly smitten with each other, so it sure seems like they'll go the distance... and maybe that distance will be shorter once they move in together — if they haven't already.