Dean & Lesley Could Get Engaged On 'Bachelor Winter Games'

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Bachelor Winter Games has thrust some favorite faces of the Bachelor franchise back into the spotlight as they search for love once more. One of these romances has been heating up onscreen, leading people to wonder if Dean and Lesley get engaged on Bachelor Winter Games as the finale looms upon us. While we'll probably have to wait until the show's reunion on Thursday to see for sure if this newfound connection is the one that will be solidified with marriage, there will be an engagement coming for Winter Games fans.

The show's Instagram page teased a photo featuring a whopper of an engagement ring, but didn't reveal whose hands were attached to it, nor did they tag anyone in the post other than the jeweler who created the gorgeous thing. From the social media posts that Dean and Lesley have shared, though, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that they could be the ones who are ready to tie the knot. People magazine confirmed last week that the two are still together, which is really no surprise given how much they've been gushing over each other. They even spent Valentine's Day together. An engagement could seem like a hasty decision, especially given the fact that Dean voiced early on that he wanted to take things more slowly than he has in the past — but hey, grand gestures are what The Bachelor is all about.

Dean, who famously bounced between Kristina and Danielle on Bachelor in Paradise, certainly doesn't have a history of decisiveness when it comes to women, but people change. When the right person truly comes along, who knows what can happen? Despite the fact that he wanted to be more cautious this time around, it was clear on the show that Dean had serious feelings for Lesley. "I think that you embody so much of the person that I know that I need in my life," Dean told her on the show, according to the same People piece linked above. "And it’s hard to find a balance between liking you and not wanting to move too quickly. I don’t want to ruin things like I have in the past."

The two have also caught the attention of fans, and people seem to be rooting for their relationship to succeed even if some still hold a grudge against Dean for his past indecision. "This is cute. I hope that it works out for them," wrote Reddit user ckmtpm. "I’m curious how this will turn out given the age difference. But I’m happy for them and looks like things are going well."

Some people go past curiosity and are even deeming them an ideal pairing. "I really think they're the perfect couple I never would have imagined putting together. I empathize with Dean about craving a family because you lost it when you were young, and I think he really does desire to have someone to care for and begin to build that with," wrote shedre999. "At the same time, he needs someone who will let him breathe and still engage his silly, carefree side. Lesley is so fun and adventurous that she wouldn't want to tie him down, but wants to go and explore the world with him."

There is plenty of speculation on who the ring belongs to — and the big gesture could come from anyone, and perhaps for even more than one couple. It definitely seems like Lesley and Dean are in a great setup to pursue a more serious relationship with each other, and more than anything, fans seem to just want them to be happy. Hopefully the finale offers some closure on whether this love will be a lasting one.