Are Jasmine & Jonathan The Tickle Monster Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Tickling Days May Be Numbered

Paul Hebert/ABC

With Matt leaving Paradise, Jasmine had to move onto someone new and she gave her rose to Jonathan during the Sept. 4 episode of Bachelor In Paradise. Who's Jonathan you ask? Well, that would be the Tickle Monster from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette. But are Jasmine and Jonathan the Tickle Monster a couple after Bachelor In Paradise? Jasmine was vibing on Jonathan in the pool during the seventh episode and with the season wrapping up, they could end Bachelor In Paradise together. But beyond that, this pair's future is far from promising when you consider that Jonathan lives in Florida and Jasmine lives in California. Plus, social media clues about Tickle Monster and Jasmine dating after Bachelor In Paradise are pretty much nonexistent.

Jonathan had been pretty interested in Christen before Jasmine, even taking Christen on a date. But somewhat ironically, Jasmine saw no problem taking him away from the sought-after Scallop Fingers after she had gotten so angry at Christen for taking Matt on a date. Yet, the Matt drama between Christen and Jasmine is apparently water under the bridge and Christen still had two men to choose from even with Jasmine giving her rose to Tickle. So really, Christen might be thankful to Jasmine for helping her make a decision — especially since Christen had told Jack Stone that there weren't fireworks on her date with Jonathan.

As for Jasmine and Jonathan, when he first showed up in Paradise, Jasmine noted almost immediately to all the women how he is better-looking in person, so she was vaguely interested from the get-go. And she spoke to the bartenders (sadly, not Wells) about her interest in the Tickle Monster before they shared a kiss in the pool, which she spoke highly of. Other than those moments, Jasmine and Jonathan's relationship hasn't progressed more than that — and Jonathan hasn't been given the chance to talk about how he feels about Jasmine since he was more focused on his "emoji wife" Christen up until then. But he certainly seemed into his pool kiss with Jasmine.

As for signs of their relationship and how it's doing now, Jasmine is the more outspoken one of this potential pair on social media. While it's difficult to find Jonathan's official Twitter account (there's an @TickleJonBach that members of Bachelor Nation use sometimes and a @drticklemonster that seems maybe more legitimate), Jasmine is pretty active on Twitter. And she retweeted the below Bachelor In Paradise tweet announcing the Tickle Monster's arrival.

She also retweeted a complimentary tweet from Evan regarding the Tickle Monster.

And she even wrote her own words about him when Jonathan said, "I don't see colors" after Diggy complained that Fred's arrival made him not the only black contestant in Paradise anymore.

But even though she wrote, "love him," her tweet doesn't seem romantic or like she's talking about a boyfriend. And there's no evidence of Jonathan on her Instagram account and no evidence of Jasmine on his. Plus, his Instagram account uses the handle drticklemonster, so the Twitter account with that same handle is probably the legitimate one, which would mean that Jasmine didn't even tweet to his actual Twitter account. That certainly doesn't seem like girlfriend behavior now does it?

So while Jasmine might be tickled by the Tickle Monster a few more times before Bachelor In Paradise is through, their tickling days seem numbered outside of the show.