Are Katy Perry & Ryan Phillippe Dating? Their Responses To The Rumors Are Perfect & Hilarious

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last weekend, Ryan Phillippe took to Twitter to deny the various rumors claiming that he and Katy Perry have been dating since Elton John's birthday party. On Monday, Katy Perry responded to the Ryan Phillippe and the dating rumors in the most perfect and hilarious way. Not to say that we didn't believe him, or anything. There's two sides to every story — or three, depending on who you ask. And in the past, Perry hasn't been shy about setting the record straight about anything concerning her personal life, so we were still holding out hope to hear from her sooner than later.

Since the rumors broke, Phillippe has been experiencing some strange activity around his confines, he wrote in an all-caps tweet on April 9. And according to the actor, folks went into full on paparazzi mode. He wrote in the tweet: "I am not dating Katy Perry. Barely know her. Please stop flying helicopters over my house. She is not here. Thx."

He just wanted to be left alone, and that's something that I totally understand. Katy Perry was on the same wavelength, as well. And to lighten the mood, responded in the most hilarious way ever, saying via Twitter:

But, lucky for us — or Phillippe — Perry was only kidding. And she followed up her awesome tweet with an apology to the actor, saying:

Phillippe has yet to respond, but fingers crossed that the actor found her response as funny as everyone else did.

Listen, Phillippe and Perry hitting it off wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I mean, they're both newly single — with Phillippe ending his engagement and five-year relationship, and Perry taking a break with ex Orlando Bloom. But, it looks like all of the excitement around this potential new couple was a little too much, too soon.