What We Know About 'Love Island's Rules On Masturbating — 'Cause We All Want To Know


We’re only two weeks into the first winter series of Love Island and it’s safe to say the nation is hooked. I have to admit, I wasn’t initially sure whether I’d be willing to dedicate my winter evenings to another season in the villa, but I was totally wrong. However, with the series now showing for the sixth series, there’s one question all us fans have always secretly wondered (whether we'd like to admit it or not): are Love Island contestants allowed to masturbate in the villa?

Well, we might be one step closer to finding out the answer, thanks to Iain Stirling, the Scottish stand up comedian responsible for providing the show’s hilarious commentary ever since it first aired in 2015. Asked if the islanders are allowed to, erm, get their rocks off (solo) in the villa, Iain told Vice: “I have to assume so?”

Adding a bit of clarity to the situation, Iain, who is dating new presenter Laura Whitmore, continued: “I imagine they're asked to follow the normal masturbation rules: not in front of people? Not in communal places?” Honestly, those seem like some fair enough rules to me.

I've reached out to ITV to see if they have anything to add to Stirling's insight, and I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Sexual wellness and health has been a the centre of the Love Island discussion this week. Contestant Rebecca hit the headlines as she entered the villa looking like a Greek goddess during the sexy dance challenge. However, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the 21 year old was wearing a contraceptive patch, prompting some disappointingly predictable comments about her online. I mean, how DARE a young woman want to have sex but not get pregnant?

However, many fans were impressed to see the former Miss Newcastle rep the less common form of contraception, sparking an important discussion from women who’d never even heard of the hormone-based birth control method.