Megan & Wes Are Totally Fine Thanks, But Here's Why It's Still None Of Our Business

Against all odds, 2018's Love Island Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson made it to the series finale and came out as one of the show's strongest couple. However, recently there has been talk of that the relationship has been put under strain because of Wes' appearance n Dancing on Ice. So, are Love Island's Megan and Wes still together?

It took a few "re-couplings" before Megan and Wes finally got together 2018's Love Island, and viewers were highly suspicious at first. Wes appeared to have changed his mind pretty quickly after telling another contestant that he was "falling" for her, while Megan had already been branded 2018's "muggy" contestant (sigh — let's not forget the underlying misogyny that dictated the public's treatment of Megan). But, despite all this, the couple went on to prove everyone wrong and remained together even after the show was over.

Now the couple's relationship has been put under the microscope once again after Wes made his debut appearance on Dancing on Ice on Sunday, Jan. 13. It seems some were more keen to nitpick at Wes' girlfriend, who was watching in the audience, than they were to comment on his skating performance.

This includes Matt Ever, who is partnered up with The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins on this year's Dancing on Ice. In an interview with Heart radio on Monday, Jan. 14, Matt described Megan as "looking a bit sour" during Wes' performance, and urged her to be more "supportive of [her] boyfriend," according to Metro.

Wes hit back at Matt later that day, taking to Instagram to post a response to him and the haters. Wes urged everyone to "give the girl a damn break," Metro reported. "I can assure you she's fully supportive of me and my career," he confirmed. Wes called out the fact that it's not fair to expect someone to smile "for two hours in a row," in a comment that seemed to reveal that some of Megan's feminism might have brushed off on him.

By confronting the public's unnecessary preoccupation with what Megan's face was doing, Wes exposed the pervasive sexist expectation that women should be constantly smiling. It's something that's dogged Victoria Beckham's entire career, and it's something that I imagine has happened to all of us at least once. How many times have you been told "smile, love," in your life?

The level of scrutiny surrounding this couple just isn't applied to Wes in the same way it is Megan, and the disparity between them became especially clear when the Mirror papped Megan on Tues, Jan. 15, describing her as "grim-faced." The newspaper stated: "There was no disguising Megan's foul mood as she stomped out of the house and down the street," but made no mention of Wes, despite the fact that, in the photos they shot, he wasn't smiling either. Unlike Megan, Wes gets away without having his every facial expression examined.

The break-up rumours have also been fuelled by a disagreement that has broken out between Megan and Wes' Dancing on Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer. Megan has expressed via social media that she is uncomfortable with the amount of time Wes and Vanessa were spending together in rehearsals. In an interview with The Sun this morning, Megan said:

“Every woman will tell you it’s not ideal to have your boyfriend spending 12 hours a day with another woman — a little introduction from Vanessa would have gone a long way. Dancing on Ice is very romantic and all about looking into each other’s eyes and parading around on the ice and being loved up together — it’s not easy to watch. Wes is my main priority, I love him. I am so passionate about him but it is going to be difficult now. I want to back him, but I don’t want to feel awkward.”

However, Megan set the record very straight about her relationship: “Wes and I have never been stronger. He gets me. He’s got my back.” Good for them. Here's hoping they can be left to get on with their business in peace.