Maisie Williams Got Bangs & Now You'll Want Bangs — Yes, Really

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A girl may have no name, but she's definitely got bangs. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' bangs may just be bringing back the 70s shag haircut, and you'll probably be all about it once you see her new 'do.

While Arya Stark may be all about that pulled back pony and blunt cut for practicality reasons, Williams' style changes up pretty regularly. From wavy layers to face framing bangs, her cuts have definitely varied over the years. She's even ventured into the world of color rocking both blue-black hair and mermaid blue locks. While she hasn't switched up her color lately, her new cut is looking so fresh and so vintage that she may actually make you want to take the plunge into getting bangs again.

Let's be honest, bangs are a commitment. One minute you want them. One minute you've gotten them and loathe them. The next minute, they're gone and you want them again. It's just the cycle of bangs. Williams' new bangs, however, are kind of perfect for her, giving her a retro 70s vibe that only she could pull off. As for whether or not they're real, there's honestly no way to tell given how convincing some fake bangs can be, but who cares? They look amazing whether they're real or not.

Of course, this isn't exactly Williams' first time rocking bangs, just not in this exact style. She's had side swept bangs and even rocked a thick fringe before. She, however, faked the bangs like at the 2016 Emmy Awards and when she appeared on the cover of ASOS magazine making it all the more possible that this new hair could, in fact, not be real.

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Her post does, however, declare her hair as "new," and it's not like Williams hasn't had a drastic change before. Back in 2016, Williams premiered some gorgeous cerulean blue hair at Wimbledon. With dark roots and an ombre blue color, it honestly looked bomb on the actor. Of course, Williams would ultimately go back to filming Game of Thrones, and while that may not have been the exact reason for her return to brunette, it definitely seems likely.

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Williams isn't the only Game of Thrones star to change up her look from that of their character. Sophie Turner has been rocking some gorgeous blonde hair as of late. Every Game of Throne fans remembers when Kit Harrington cut off his locks spawning rumors that Jon Snow truly was dead. As for Emilia Clarke, she's taken the opposite route, transforming her natural brunette hair into the vibrant blonde locks of her character Daenerys Targaryen. Apparently, hair is BFD when it comes to Game of Thrones.

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Don't despair for Arya Stark's fate based on Maisie Williams' bangs, though. In an Instagram post from July 7, she appears to have finished filming Game of Thrones meaning that her new 'do doesn't signal anything for fans of her character. Will she be the last Stark standing? Only time will tell. For now, though, you can just enjoy her hair without being worried about her fate.