Nick & Corinne Are Probably Not A 'Bach' Success

Jeff Daly/ABC

Corinne and Nick, Nick and Corinne. At the beginning of his season of The Bachelor, I would have never thought that the contestant from Miami would have made it this far into Nick’s heart (or into the hearts of producers). But we live in crazy times, and the craziest thing this week (so far) is that Corinne made it into Nick's final four and nabbed herself a hometown date. Things seemed to go well with Nick meeting Corinne’s family, so I guess there’s a chance that she could have nabbed herself a Bachelor. Are Nick and Corinne still together after The Bachelor?

Corinne came in hot at the beginning of the season, declaring that Nick would be hers and hers alone and also not quite understanding that he was dating 29 other women. She used her sexuality as a crutch, even coming to Nick’s hotel room in Bimini for a late-night tryst, which he declined. After that, though, the dams broke, and Corinne seemed to learn that she didn't have to throw herself at Nick to get him to like her. Expressing your sexual self is totally OK, but Nick likes her for more than just physical reasons — as evidenced by her lengthy stay this season.

Her hometown date went kind of well? Corinne and Nick shopped and spent an insane amount of money on clothes and then Corinne’s dad asked Nick if he could provide the kind of life she’s accustomed to. I mean, maybe? I don’t even know if Nick has a real job outside of being the Bachelor. He used to sell software, but now he’s just a professional Bachelor Nation employee, kind of like those reality stars who show up for every iteration of The Challenge on MTV. Don't worry, though, Corinne is a 21st century lady and said she had no issue being the breadwinner for her family.

Anyway, my guess is that Nick and Corinne did not go the distance following The Bachelor. Nick is in his late 30s and Corinne is in her mid-20s. I’m all for May-December romances, but the difference in maturity level between a man who is nearly 40 and a woman who is only a few years out of college and doesn’t know how to do her own laundry (she admitted this) is pretty big. Both Nick and Corinne are nice people, but I’m not sure that they match well together.

Moving off this hypothesis, I set to check out both Corinne’s and Nick’s respective Instagrams to see if they were together at all lately, even in the same city. Nick’s Instagram is a walking billboard for him being the Bachelor, and it’s him posting snaps from the show and hints about what’s coming. Can we talk about how you’re not helping me here, Nick?

Corinne, though, has spent a lot of time at home in Miami, traveling to Los Angeles (where Nick does live) for appearances and events like the Oscars (she did not go to the Oscars, I think she just went to a party).

Nick lives in LA, but there’s no evidence that they were even in the same neighborhood. If Nick and Corinne were really together, they would probably have ‘grammed something similar, right? That’s what couples on social media (especially “famous” ones) do, yeah? For now, I'm going to maintain that Corinne and Nick are just pals, at least until she yells at him on Women Tell All.