Post-Amanda, Here's Where Josh & Robby's 'Bach' Friendship Stands

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor Nation is known for dating within the same community. After all, a bunch of really attractive former contestants from different seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette attend a lot of the same events, meet each other through mutual friends, and, of course, go on Bachelor in Paradise. But this might be one of the only times where a love triangle has emerged with three contestants from three different seasons. It looks like Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are still dating after Paradise, but how will Amanda's former fiancé, Josh Murray, feel about the new couple? Are Josh Murray and Robby friends after Bachelor in Paradise?

Well, they were before Robby went on Paradise, at least. In a promo clip released by ABC, Robby and Amanda have a conversation about her ex, in which Robby refers to Josh as "a buddy of mine." He then refuses to call Josh by name, instead dubbing him "Anonymous" and claiming that he would probably not be thrilled about their romance.

But just how good of friends were Josh and Robby? A quick perusal of each of their Instagram accounts indicates that the two former Bachelorette contestants were fairly tight. Both have quite a few pictures with each other hanging out in groups with other Bachelor Nation stars.

It definitely looks like Robby and Josh spent a lot of time together. But the most recent post of the two of them together is dated May 2, before Robby would have started filming Paradise. But even if Robby and Josh aren't as close as they were before Robby and Amanda started dating, Josh isn't harboring any bad feelings towards his friend — at least, not publicly. In an interview with US Weekly, Josh revealed that he's doesn't really care that his friend is dating his ex, stating, "I moved on a long, long time ago. I'm dating, I'm doing a lot of things and I wish them nothing but the best." Honestly if anything, Josh just sounds happy to be broken up with Amanda. "It was just so much negativity and so many lies in that relationship that it was very unhealthy and it was depressing," Josh said in the same interview. "Dating now and actually meeting and going on dates with good, genuine people has made me feel like I can feel love again." Ouch.

At the very least, the two aren't publicly feuding over Amanda, so at least there's that. Gotta keep those expectations low.