Here's What's Happened With Robby & Scheana Since That 'Pump Rules' Date

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

After a whole season spent glued to Rob Parks-Valletta on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana is not letting any moss grow under her feet when it comes to dating. So far we've seen her flirt with a SUR customer and co-worker Adam Spott (yes, the guy she once tried to set up with Brittany), but the Jan. 14 episode introduces another man to her dating roster: Robby Hayes from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise Season 4. Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise to those who pay attention to Vanderpump news off-screen; reports that the two were together surfaced as far back as last spring. So are Robby and Scheana still together now, almost a year later? It seems like their romance was short-lived.

On Vanderpump, it's hard to tell exactly how serious Scheana was with Robby. We see them on a date being cute and flirtatious, but they were also live-streaming the whole thing on Instagram, which seems more like a plug for followers than it does like they're genuinely falling for each other. Scheana also explains that they're not sleeping together, which certainly doesn't define a relationship, but based on Scheana's comments so far this season, seems important to her in order to establish a real connection.

Scheana and Robby first sparked romance rumors in May, when, per People, they were seen vacationing together in Hawaii. The previous March, Scheana had insisted to Us Weekly that they were just "very good friends," but on Vanderpump Rules, it appears there was a bit more to it. However, this season also shows Scheana getting close to Adam, who went to college with Robby and is one of his best friends. Those are some… good friends if they’re willing to date the same woman at the same time.

Ultimately, it seems like Scheana ended up with Adam, as the "Good As Gold" singer posted on Instagram around Thanksgiving about being "thankful" for him. She even went to his hometown (where she assumedly met his family), while Robby hasn't been seen on Scheana's Instagram since early 2018.

Despite a steady stream of cozy Insta photos, though, Scheana still says she and Adam are just friends. Realistically, they're probably dating, but she's playing coy because she wants fans to watch it unfold on Vanderpump Rules, or they're just in a classic millennial situationship. "I mean, you'll see some dates… I went on some with some other guys. You'll just see a single Scheana," she told Us in November of Vanderpump Season 7. "You'll see new friendships, old friendships, new … there's just a lot… I’m just really excited that you guys will all be able to see that side of me."

After being so open about her relationship with Rob on Vanderpump Rules, perhaps Scheana wants to step back a little bit — and you can't really blame her, considering he dumped her right after filming wrapped. For now, it seems like Scheana is taking things slow and enjoying the single life — at least, as far as she wants to let us know.