Ariana Grande’s Mom Quoted “Thank U, Next” In A Mother’s Day Tweet & It’s Instantly Iconic

by Stephanie Downs
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Joan Grande/Twitter

Mother's Day was, of course, a special occasion for many out there. Naturally, it was an especially fun day for Ariana Grande and her family, who celebrated the holiday in pop star-approved fashion. On Twitter, Ariana Grande's mom quoted "thank u, next" lyrics in her Mother's Day post, proving she's just as iconic as her superstar daughter.

Grande's mother, Joan Grande, posted a cute tribute to her two children on Mother's Day on Twitter. She wrote that she was so thankful to have her daughter and her son, Frankie Grande, in her life. In fact, she even expressed how much she's "grateful for my ex," in a direct tieback to the singer's popular track, "thank u, next." On May 12, the proud mom captioned a photo of her kids with:

"Today, I celebrate the two people that I am so grateful & lucky to be called mom by, Frankie & Ariana! I hit the mom lottery with my children: talented, kind, generous, most loving & beautiful inside & out.. I am truly grateful to my exes for these, my children! #HappyMothersDay"

If you follow the Grande crew on social media, you would know just how close they are. In addition to Joan's Mother's Day post, the "Dangerous Woman" singer took to Instagram to share a couple of special tributes to her family.

On Instagram, Grande honored two of the special women in her life: Her mom, Joan, and her grandmother (aka Nonna), Marjorie Grande. The entertainer honored them by posting a video, in which Nonna Grande can be heard jokingly asking where the camera came from. Basically, the clip was filled with an equal amount of laughter and love.

In addition to the cute video, Grande also posted a photo on Instagram that featured what appears to be her hand entwined in her Nonna's, and it's almost too sweet to handle.

Of course, as mentioned, the Grande family has spread the love on social media on numerous occasions in the past. In June 2018, the "7 Rings" singer opened up to the Arianators on Twitter and expressed just how much she loves them, even going so far as to say that those in her life must think she's "nuts" for talking about her fans so often. She wrote, "like i love u sm and am so proud always and talk ab u all the time to everyone in my life and they think i’m nuts."

Enter Joan, who replied to her daughter's message by telling her that she doesn't think that she's "nuts," she simply knows that the singer is a lovely, caring person. She wrote:

"I DO NOT think that you're nuts...what I think is that you are the most compassionate, loving, generous, loyal, honest friend, daughter, sister, role model that anyone could hope to have..your empathy & beauty (inside & out) should be cherished by all who come in contact with you"

From their many, love-filled social media posts, it's incredibly clear that the Grande's are a tight-knit group. And it's especially evident, based on Joan's latest tweet, that she's super grateful to have such a wonderful, loving family.