Ariana Grande's Speech At One Love Manchester Points Out That Unity Is "The Medicine The World Needs"

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nearly two weeks after a devastating attack at her concert, Ariana Grande is coming together with other artists to support Manchester and those affected by the tragedy. On Sunday, Grande's speech at the One Love Manchester concert rallied everyone together when they needed it most. Grande waited until midway through the concert to speak, but her words surely touched everyone who was listening.

The artist spoke about Olivia, one of the teenage victims of the attack, and how her beautiful spirit led to the concert's tone changing a bit. Grande said,

As a result, it sounds like Grande adjusted the songs set to be performed a bit. She wanted the evening to be one "full of bright energy," and she seems to have achieved her goal. Every act has been about hope and resilience in the face of tragedy, and the crowd has responded in kind.

The 23-year-old singer's words are not only wise, they are so, so necessary. Seeing so many people come together, even after the incidents in London on Saturday night, is a reminder of just how powerful love and community are. Grande has found a way to bring people together after an act of terror tried to tear them apart. Her words and her actions are the powerful reminders the world needs to move forward with love, in order to honor the people who lost their lives, like Olivia.

As long as people stand united, they can make it through even the darkest of days.