Arie & Lauren Luyendyk's New Baby Shower Photos Are Major Inspiration Fuel For Parents-To-Be

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems like just yesterday that they tied the knot in Hawaii. Time really does fly when you're in love, and Arie and Lauren Luyendyk's baby shower photos show that they're feeling the love now more than ever.

The shower came shortly after the couple returned home from their babymoon in Bermuda, where they spent time connecting to one another, savoring the last few weeks of Lauren's pregnancy, and mentally preparing for all of the change their lives were about to endure.

After relaxing and regrouping, it was time to put baby preparation into high gear — the perfect time for a baby shower. Thankfully, Lauren didn't have to do much of the planning — her friends Kayla Evangelista and Sarah Stidham threw the cutest celebration and took care of the details so the mom and dad-to-be could simply enjoy.

And that they did. From the waffle and fruit bar, to the plethora of desserts, to the fully functional ultrasound setup in their living room, Evangelista and Stidham truly did the most to make the couple's first baby shower fun and memorable. And, of course, they took lots of pictures — here are a few that capture the special day.

Lauren Was Glowing In A Flowing White Dress

She kept the shoes off to stay comfortable. Who can blame her?

There Was A Waffle And Fruit Bar

The food was clearly Arie's favorite part — what a setup! And that didn't even include dessert, which was a spread of brownies, cupcakes, and sprinkled cake. Something for everyone.

Yep, There Was A Legit Ultrasound Setup

This was no store-bought gimmick — the couple brought in a company called Southwest Ultrasound to conduct professional ultrasounds not just for Lauren, but for Stidham and Evangelista, who are also expecting. Everyone gathered around to see the babies on their living room TV. "This is enough to make me cry," Lauren wrote on her Instagram Story. "So sweet."

Things Got Competitive

It looks like the party guests participated in a few of the traditional baby shower games like guessing Lauren's belly size and chugging from baby bottles (Arie cheated by squeezing his), but they also threw in some unconventional activities, too, like "Love or Labor," a game that required them to decide which pictures on a card captured lovemaking or labor pain expressions.

They also played a game that's often played at wedding receptions. Arie and Lauren sat with their backs to each other and held up a shoe — their own or their partner's — to answer questions about their upcoming parenthood adventures. They both took credit for singing the best lullabies, but Lauren insisted she was the karaoke queen.

There Was A Bachelor Reference

Would it be a Bachelor couple's party without a good reference to where they met? Of course not. Arie and Lauren were gifted this hilarious onesie that read, "Can I steal daddy for a sec?" Lauren, surprisingly, didn't find it funny.

They Had A Wonderful Time

After the party ended, the couple couldn't help but feel nostalgia and excitement for their baby's arrival. They haven't revealed her name to the public yet, but told Entertainment Tonight that they've had it picked out since Christmas. "It was a name we kind of tweaked into something unique," Lauren told ET. "We don't really know anybody who's named that."

Only five more weeks before the world can meet baby Luyendyk and finally call her by name. Until then, her mom and dad look like they're having a blast preparing for her arrival.