Arie Has A Great Sense Of Humor... Online, At Least

Paul Hebert/ABC

Throughout this season of The Bachelor, some fans of the series were a bit skeptical of Arie. He has seemed rather stiff, a bit uncomfortable and maybe most disappointingly, boring and not that funny. However, it seems that while he may not come off as laugh-out-loud funny on the show, he is IRL and Arie's tweets and Instagram posts that prove the Bachelor knows how to crack a joke — even at his expense.

Before we go over those though, it should be said that he’s allowed to be a bit nervous and/or reserved on the show. Prior to the season even beginning, people were lamenting the announcement that he would be the Bachelor. As a writer with USA Today noted, a number of angry and confused Twitter users complained about why a former contestant from 2012 was getting his own series. After all, there were so many who wanted Peter Kraus to get his own season. (Even though Peter himself didn't want to be the Bachelor.)

Even after the season had started, critics have been apprehensive about him. Former contestant Ashley Iaconetti wrote for Cosmo: “The premiere had me wishing Peter was the salt and pepper bro standing up on that wet driveway with his roses,” she said. “Maybe Arie was just nervous? Maybe we'll move past the race car driver puns in a few weeks?”

Well, he may not have overly impressed some while on the show, but his social media game is on point and Arie may just be funnier than you would imagine. But, you can judge for yourself by reading some tweets and Instagram posts below.

Self-Deprecation At Its Finest

While we may not see Arie do too much self-deprecating humor on the show — on his social media, it seems to be one of his favorites. Of course, there’s the example shown above, but another example is a recent tweet where he said: “Really happy they showed some of the great conversations I had... oh wait.” He rounded out the post with the facepalm emoji and the hashtag: #maybenextweek.

In His Bio

Alright, his bio isn't a post, but it shows that he is willing to take a joke. His former Instagram bio read: “Excitement excites me... oh and pizza too.” This, of course is referring to a convo he had with Bekah in the first episode of this season. She asked him something to the affect of “What excites you?” That was his response. He also tweeted about the conversation, too. Clearly, he was a bit distracted on that first night… and perhaps a bit flustered with how attracted he actually was to Bekah.

Joking About His Age

Another thing that could make you doubt yourself as the Bachelor is a focus on your age over your personality. At 36, Arie's being dubbed the “Old Bachelor,” despite being younger than Nick Viall. However, Arie seems to be taking it in stride with this tweet.

Joking About Bachelor Tropes

There’s plenty of Bachelor-isms that fans of the series take for granted: hometown dates, the roses, etc. But, one particularly amusing one is during the first night when all of the potential suitors exit the limos onto the driveway that is seemingly perpetually wet. Arie is shown in this Instagram post doing the job because, no, it doesn’t always rain. As the host of the series, Chris Harrison notes, it’s sprayed with a hose on purpose “to make it pretty for TV,” according to a post he wrote for Entertainment Weekly.

Historical Jokes

Old photos of ourselves can be quite funny. Times and looks change with the years. Unafraid to look into the family photo albums, Arie found this gem which seems to have hilariously predicted his time on The Bachelor. If only he knew back in the eighth grade that someday, he'd grow up to have a real double date outside the Eiffel Tower.

He Can Take A Joke

SNL has a bit of a running tradition to have one skit a year poke fun at The Bachelor. Arie's season was no different. While past Bachelors may have been offended though, Arie took it in stride. He sent out this Instagram post saying he was cracking up about it. Again, Arie proves he can laugh at himself.

So, is Arie as confident as a stand up comedian on The Bachelor? No. But, it would seem, at least online, he is as funny as one… sometimes. While he wasn't the funniest Bachelor ever, he certainly got more comfortable as the season went on. With the finale close at hand though, don't expect many more jokes. After all, there is at least one more broken heart to come before this season is through. It's time to get serious.