This Photo Of Ashley & Jared Posing With Other ‘Paradise’ Couples Is Absolutely Perfect

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise may be The Bachelor's fun, tropical, and easy-breezy spinoff. But the series is actually incredibly successful when it comes to the love department (unlike *cough* The Bachelor). And, as People noted, Ashley Iaconetti's photo of the Bachelor in Paradise's successful couples is the biggest example of that.

On June 20, Ashley posted two Instagram photos of herself, and her now-fiancé Jared Haibon, along with two of BiP's other long-lasting couples in similar poses in snaps taken a year and a half apart. In classic prom style, the newly engaged couple, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell with baby Isabella, and Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert with baby Emerson all posed for the camera. It's almost too much amazingness if you're a BiP fan.

The most interesting part of the snap may just be what it hints at for Ashley and Jared. Are they ready to take the next step, just like the other couples, and welcome a baby anytime soon? In a separate Instagram post, Jared, posing with Ashley and little Emerson, did say that Jade and Tanner's daughter "makes me want to have babies." Seeing as though they've had a pretty whirlwind relationship ever since they revealed on The Story of Us that they were officially dating on May 22, maybe the couple will take a page out of their friends' books when it comes to having kids. Of course, only time will tell.

In the meantime, it's still so fun to see that, like their fellow successful BiP couples before them, Ashley and Jared are taking a positive step in their relationship with their recent engagement news.

As previously mentioned, Ashley and Jared became the latest Bachelor Nation couple to become engaged. According to a People report, he proposed to his then-girlfriend in the place where their (up-and-down) relationship first began: the Mexican beaches of Paradise. During a special appearance on the show, he proposed to Ashley, who happily accepted.

While there have been a handful of other engagements on the reality series, only two BiP couples have stayed in it for the long haul. Jade and Tanner, who both appeared on Season 2 of the show (alongside Ashley, Jared, and Carly), are pretty much the King and Queen of Paradise at this point thanks to their successful relationship.

They were together from the very first episode of the spinoff series. Shortly after the show aired, they got married on a live TV special in January 2016. Jade and Tanner welcomed their daughter, Emerson "Emmy," in August 2017, according to E! News. So, things have definitely been going well for this BiP couple.

Things are also going super well for Carly and Evan. Although, their journey to love wasn't nearly as smooth. While they did go on a date at the beginning of Season 3 of Paradise, there was simply no spark (but tons of spice) with them. Carly eventually came around, though. Once she did, the pair left the season engaged. When Season 4 of the series came around, the two exchanged vows in a lovely, beach wedding in Mexico with tons of Bachelor alums in attendance. Like Jade and Tanner, the couple welcomed a daughter, Isabella, shortly after walking down the aisle, per People.

All of these couples had their own special journeys to love. What they all had in common, though, is that their connections first began thanks to the wonders of Paradise. Since Jared and Ashley's road to love began on the series, just like the other two successful couples, could fans see even more relationship updates from the pair in the future? Those fans will just have to stay tuned to BiP to find out.