Why Astrid & Kevin's Relationship From 'BIP' Was Made To Last

Paul Hebert/ABC

Any given season of Bachelor in Paradise is guaranteed to be filled with drama, but Season 5 saw the pairing of some truly strong couples, many of whom are still together today. This includes BIP stars Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt, who quickly became one of the closest duos in the group you couldn't help rooting for. But because they too faced a few obstacles along the way, Astrid and Kevin's relationship timeline from when they first met to where they are today, may seem a little confusing. Which is why it never hurts to go back to where it all began and see all the big moments that happened to them on their road to finding love.

Of course, Astrid and Kevin's story isn't nearly as complicated or prolonged as some members of the Bachelor community — such as Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's history of "will they?" or "won't they?" — but it's still definitely worth refreshing our memories about, especially since the couple just made a pretty big announcement about their future together. Suffice it to say, these two seem to be in it for the long haul, so let's journey back to their romantic beginnings and see how it all developed...

Early June 2018: Kevin & Astrid Meet In Paradise

According to a tweet from BIP director Mike Fleiss, filming for Season 5 began on June 8 this past summer, which means that's the first day Astrid and Kevin saw each other. Of course, they had undoubtedly heard of one another before in passing, given that they had both appeared on TV before — Astrid during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and Kevin during his own Bachelor season in Canada and The Bachelor Winter Games. But as far as actually interactions go, this was the moment they showed a real interest in one another.

Mid-June 2018: Kevin & Astrid Hit Their First Bump In The Road

Though the two of them had become exclusive and showed little interest in anyone else on the island, Kevin started getting anxious about their relationship, telling Astrid that he wished she had dated some of the other guys so that way he'd know for sure that it's him she wants to be with. Astrid was understandably thrown off by this sentiment, given how well things had been going for the two of them, but their conversation ended up leading to an open discussion about mental health and anxiety that helped to make them even stronger than before. (Not to mention it was an important and refreshing dialogue to see two have on television.)

A Few Days Later: Kevin Sees Ashley & Jared Get Engaged

Seeing your ex with someone else is always hard — seeing your ex get engaged before your very eyes in a whole other thing entirely. And yet, it was an awkward situation that Kevin ultimately handled with maturity and grace. After they got engaged, Kevin didn't make the moment about him or throw a temper-tantrum. He even offered up a congratulatory hug and put his own uncomfortable feelings aside for the time being. It still proved to be difficult for him to see though.

Late June 2018: The Fantasy Suites Change Everything

As soon as Chris Harrison announced that couples would be able to share a Fantasy Suite together, Kevin started second-guessing everything he had with Astrid since he'd been at this point in a relationship before with Ashley and it hadn't gone so well. In the end, his uncertainty led to them breaking up on the spot, which completely blindsided both Astrid and viewers.

Late August 2018: The Reunion Gives Us Hope

The former couple ended up reuniting during the BIP finale reunion special, which was filmed on Aug. 28. Kevin apologized for hurting Astrid and the two were able to reconcile and make us all believe in love again.

December 2018: Astrid Is Moving To Canada

After months of long distance dating, Astrid announced to her Instagram followers that she is moving to Canada to be with Kevin, though it's unclear if the two of them will be living together or in separate places once she's there. Regardless, it's a huge step and shows just how serious the two of them are about their commitment to each other.

If things keep progressing the way they currently are, we may get another Bachelor engagement in the very near future.