The Way 'This Is Us' Producers Cast Kate & Toby's Puppy Is Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Sometimes, in the midst of all the heartbreak and drama of prime time television, you need a little comfort. And Audio, Kate and Toby's dog on This Is Us, is definitely a reassuring presence. During Kate and Toby’s relationship ups and downs, struggles with fertility and pregnancy, and now as Toby grapples with his mental health, Audio could be just the steadfast third-wheel the couple needs.

As revealed in a very important piece of investigative dog journalism by Vulture, Audio’s real name is Bean, and everyone loves him. “Audio was probably the best dog we’ve worked with,” executive producer John Requa told the outlet. “We cast him out of the back of a truck. At one point, we were shooting something else and they opened up the back of this van and there’s a bunch of dogs in cages and they go, ‘Which one do you like?’ They were just so cute, but he’s also a good dog. He was very obedient.”

Of course he was. There’s no way that little bundle of joy didn’t light up the set every moment he was there. Just look at him.

Apparently, he’s a natural born actor, and likely has a very long future of serious, prestigious roles ahead of him. “What a great dog,” executive producer Glenn Ficarra said in the same piece. “Super smart, super well-trained, has a huge depth of command. And cute to boot!” Bustle reached out to NBC for additional information about Audio's real-life counterpart, but did not receive word back. I feel confident declaring that he's a good boy, though. If Mandy Moore is endorsing him, that’s all the information I need.

Fans were similarly smitten with the new addition to Toby and Kate's household back when they got him last season.

Adopting Audio was a big step for Kate in dealing with the grief surrounding the death of her father, especially given the circumstances in which he died. During the house fire that eventually lead to his smoke inhalation-sparked heart attack, Jack ran back inside after initially escaping the burning home, solely to rescue a teenage Kate’s dog, Louie. The incident lead to her having a tremendous amount of guilt over Jack’s death, blaming herself for years, even though it obviously isn’t her fault that he wanted to save Louie.

Needless to say, when she came across Audio and finally made the emotional decision to adopt him, tears were shed left and right. Ultimately, he seems to have become a source of joy for his humans, and with Toby battling withdrawal from his anti-depressants, hopefully Audio can offer some emotional support, and a furry shoulder for Toby to lean on.

This Is Us already has about a dozen different ways of tearing viewers to pieces every single week, so basically, Dan Fogelman owes us more Audio content. I want to know his hopes, his dreams, his favorite snacks, and a mailing address to which I can mail them. I want to hear his thoughts on Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship, and whether or not he thinks Jack’s brother is still alive. For now, viewers can settle for knowing Audio is still lounging around Kate and Toby's abode with a watchful eye, likely offering snuggles to anyone who needs them.