Austen & Chelsea Are Making Shep Mad On 'Southern Charm'

Brianna Stello/Bravo

Fans of Southern Charm are well aware that Shep is the resident ladies man. He has admittedly hooked up with many women around Charleston and most of us have come to accept his candor and unwillingness to settle down just yet. That is why it has been so shocking to see Shep be open about and have real feelings for Cameran's friend, Chelsea this season. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one to fall for her. Newcomer and Shep 2.0, Austen Kroll literally claimed her behind Shep's back tonight and it didn't go over well.

First of all, Austen and Shep should probably stop referring to Chelsea like she is property to be claimed or stolen. Tonight Austen even said, "I am taking this one" when referencing the fact that his interest in Chelsea went against bro code and Shep said, "I just hate losing," like she was a game of some sort. Regardless of their poor choice of words, I am on Team Shep here. You see, Austen was well aware that she and Shep started casually making out and such for a bit, but he took it upon himself to ask her out anyway. He even said numerous times that he was probably breaking friendship code by pursuing her but he went with it anyways. Not cool. When Whitney and Cameran saw the two of them canoodling at Thomas' polo party (what?), they immediately felt just as icky as I did about the situation. Of course, Whitney told Shep about the whole thing and he was visibly perturbed about it. One might say he was jealous.

Of course, Shep took the whole thing as a challenge and simply took his game up a notch with Chelsea, which didn't exactly go swimmingly. Chelsea ended up confiding in Cameran that there was very little chemistry in her kiss with Shep and she was also not comfortable with his reputation. In the end, she told Austen that she liked him, while Shep claimed that he was over the whole thing.

Whatever happens between this threesome, I don't see it ending very well for everyone involved.