Colton From ‘The Bachelor’ Defended Cassie After Haters Went After Her IG Caption

by Stephanie Downs
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph from The Bachelor can't seem to catch a break — when it comes to dealing with the haters, that is. After she received some rather unfair criticism on social media, Bachelor star Colton came to Cassie's defense regarding an Instagram caption, showing that he's always going to have his girlfriend's back.

The whole matter began when Cassie posted a photo of herself and Colton on Instagram over the July 20 weekend, which she captioned with, "my one in 6 billion." In case you, like the commenters, didn't know, the phrase is actually a lyric from Filmore's "Other Girl." Almost as soon as she posted the lovely snap, that showcased the two reality stars hanging out against a lit-up barn backdrop, people flocked to the comments section of the post to try and correct her caption (even though, you know, there was no need for a correction).

Person after person responded with varied attempts at "correcting" Cassie's population knowledge, with multiple people writing to let her know that the Earth's population is around 7.5 billion, which is technically accurate. However, that's really besides the point, as both Cassie and Colton let those people know. She responded to those criticisms with, "it's in a song." He also explained, "Y’all acting like you know the current census count in the world... 6 billion...7 billion... it’s a song lyric people." The Bachelor lead ended his statement on a positive and super sweet note, as he wrote, "Ps [sic] how good does that skirt look on her.”

Cassie Randolph/Instagram
Cassie Randolph/Instagram

The comments section wasn't just flooded with corrections, it was also flooded by so much love, courtesy of Colton and Cassie themselves. The former Bachelor in Paradise star responded to his girlfriend's "Other Girl" caption by continuing to throw out some lyrics from the song. He wrote, "& I knew when you changed my life." Cassie kept it going, finishing the lyric with, "OVERNIGHT."

Cassie Randolph/Instagram
Cassie Randolph/Instagram

Even though Cassie and Colton have dealt with their fair share of haters ever since appearing on The Bachelor, the couple has managed to keep their heads held high. If you followed their journey on the ABC series, you would know that the pair took an unconventional route to love, as Cassie left the competition, causing Colton to break up with his remaining contestants, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, in order to pursue her.

While many fans applauded the pair's unique love story, there were some who weren't here for the season's ending. In response to that negativity, Cassie took to Instagram to tell fans that her decisions on the show were simply indicative of her staying true to herself and that their journey was exactly right for them. She wrote in part:

This past week, I took a much-needed break from my social media. I was allowing the opinions of others, and their sometimes cruel speculations, [to] really get to me. That brings me to perhaps the truest, most impactful thing that this experience has taught me: to stay true to myself. Being real is something we ALL owe to ourselves.

She continued her strong message by writing:

Regardless of the outcome, that is the one thing we can do to guarantee no regrets… to make the best decision we can in the moment. 🥂So cheers, my friends (and trolls) to The Bachelor S23 finale… may we all live and learn, be humble, and most of all, forever remain open to learning.

Ultimately, of course, Colton and Cassie ended up together at the end of the season, sans engagement, and have been going strong ever since. So, just in case any haters still have something to say about the reality stars or their journey, here's a suggestion: Try taking a more positive route, like the adorable Bachelor couple, and lead with kindness instead.