These Tweets Show Fans Were Confused By The Way 'BiP' Explained The Scandal

ABC/Paul Hebert

Even though promotion for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 was centered around the shutdown scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, the way it was explained on the show left something to be desired for many viewers. During Tuesday night's episode (BiP Season 4 had a two-night premiere), fans posted tweets about how unhappy they were with the way Bachelor In Paradise explained the shutdown. It's clear that some viewers thought not enough was said.

Although a good amount of fans make it a point to keep up with the news in between shows, not everyone eats, sleeps, and breathes Bachelor news. Sure, a lot of people go out of the way to stay informed, but that's not the case for all viewers, so talking about the reports that came out during the shutdown and giving more explanation of what was actually being investigated would have been helpful. Harrison did say that Warner Bros.' investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, but if a viewer didn't know the background it could just leads to more confusion.

Instead, there was a chat with the cast about race and consent without giving the audience a thorough summary of the allegations and what went down. Even some text over a black background Law & Order style with a summary of the situation would have worked.

After the discussion, there was a group vote about who wanted to remain in paradise (even though they all obviously did since they hopped on planes to return to the resort), and then the show immediately jumped into who the ladies wanted to give out their roses to.

Yes, it was great that the show addressed the importance of sexual consent with the audience and with the contestants, but without explaining the specific circumstances, the conversation was less powerful than it could have been.

There were plenty of viewers who were unhappy with this aspect of the episode and they had no issue tweeting their thoughts.

Some Fans Wondered Why The Emphasis Was Only On What Didn't Happen

Others Thought There Was An Assumption That Everyone Had All The Context They Needed

Some Weren't Fans Of The Format

Then There Were Fans Who Didn't Like The Idea Of The Cast Conversation

And Then There Was The Lack Of Corinne & DeMario

From not fully explaining what happened to combining a serious discussion with a wedding special, the episode was pretty all over the place and fans definitely picked up on it The show plans to air footage of a sit-down Harrison had with Olympios and Jackson. Maybe it will be what fans need to get some more answers.