Fans Can Expect To See Corinne & DeMario On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Ashley Rey
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought for a moment that footage of Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson from Bachelor In Paradise's Season 4 would be cut amid the controversy, think again. Because according to Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison, addressing the production fiasco head on will happen, according to a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

News of BiP halting production because of allegations of sexual misconduct hit the internet mid-June, placing the Bachelor Season 21 and Bachelorette Season 13 contestants in the spotlight. And although formal investigations (from Warner Bros. and Corinne's team) found no evidence of wrongdoing, the seriousness of the claims, mixed with reports that Corinne would not be returning once production resumed, made many wonder if both parties will be erased from the show altogether.

While talking with Entertainment Weekly about the spin-off's return, Harrison not only said that footage of Corinne and DeMario will definitely make the show, but also that shying away from acknowledging the June incident isn't an option. Harrison explained to EW,

“It’s going to be literally dealt with the moment we come on the air. If you don’t, it’s the elephant in the room and then it will taint the entire season. So we want to show everybody and then get on with Paradise, because there are some wonderful things that are going to be happening.”

According to Harrison, before the production shutdown, the show had been filming for an entire week and was heading into its first rose ceremony. All of the footage captured heavily impacted the duration of the show, and discarding it would possibility lead to a lot of unanswered questions.

As for the controversy, actual footage of the encounter will not be shown. Instead, Harrison is going to play the narrative role to fill in all of the gaps that the audience will experience as a result. He continued,

"When we restart, it will be me back in Mexico walking you through what happened and then we’re going to watch what happened. And then we’ll cut back to me and I’ll kind of shed some more light on things and then we’re going to go back and you’re going to see more of what happened."

Though cuts of the show have yet to be finalized, Harrison is sure that enough will be shown to prevent fans from being in the dark. And given how much conversation has surrounded the show over the summer, it’ll be great to finally get some answers.