Baileys Comes In "Minis" Now & They Are Absurdly Cute

Having a Baileys often feels like a bit of an occasion. You might drink it during the holidays or have one as part of a celebration — that big, bulky bottle comes down and you treat yourself to a tipple. The Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur packs a punch, but somehow never seems that strong mixed with all of that cream and, I'm presuming, a boatload of sugar, Well, now it's a whole lot easier to get your Bailey's hit, 24/7. Baileys Minis with Original Irish Cream liqueur mean you can take that creamy, sweet sensation on the go with you. They come in a super convenient fridge pack of three, so you can share with your friends — or, you know, keep them all to yourself. These super cute, mini-bottles of Baileys look almost too adorable to drink, almost.

"Whether you chill them in the fridge for tonight or grab some on the go, Baileys Minis with Original Irish Cream liqueur are the perfect little treat," the site explains. "Our updated look — featuring a three-pack of 100ml Original Irish Cream Liquid — are almost too cute to indulge with." I think you'll manage to indulge with them just fine. No matter how cute they are, they are essentially a boozy, sweet dessert in a bottle — nothing is going to stand between you and mini Baileys.

If you want to get your hands on these little bundles of joy, then you can check the product locator on the Bailey's site — but I've also spotted them at major retailers, like Walmart. They seem to retail for right under $12, which work out to about four bucks for each little bottle. They sound perfect if you're planning a boozy picnic — or if you don't want to open a whole bottle when all you really want is a single serving.

Baileys has had a lot of changes recently. They introduced vegan Baileys (or should I say, Baileys Almande) in the UK, which was an immediate hit among non-dairy drinkers. Seriously, giving up Baileys has to be one of the most difficult parts of giving up dairy. But die-hard Baileys' fans will know that there are so many ways to enjoy this delightful tipple.

Strawberry's & Cream Baileys not only comes in a gorgeous millennial pink, but it's also a big hit around Valentine's Day — though it's totally enjoyable any time of year, TBH. Fall, of course, brings Pumpkin Spice Baileys, as on-trend for fall as a drink can possibly be. But the real Baileys enthusiasts might be aware that Baileys Original Irish Cream Baking Chips exist — and the U.K. has even been blessed with Baileys advent calendars in the past.

Baileys is a definitely a love-it or hate-it drink, but those who love it really love it. I wouldn't even try to pry the bottle of Baileys out of my mom's hands during the holiday season. Seriously, it's easier for everyone if we just let her cradle it like a small child. But these Baileys Minis are perfect for your on-the-go Baileys needs or if you just want a single serving. It's a dessert, a milkshake, and booze all in one — and now it's more convenient than ever.