'Band Aid' Star Adam Pally Highlights The True Power Of Working With An All-Female Crew — VIDEO

With the gender wage gap, age discrimination, and fewer quality film roles, I think it's fair to say that women don't always get the respect they deserve within the movie industry. That's why writer, director, and star Zoe Lister-Jones' Band Aid is such a unique film. The indie comedy about a couple who turn their fights into songs had an all-female crew, which helped create a special experience on set. On Friday, Bustle sat down with Lister-Jones and her co-star Adam Pally for a Facebook Live interview before the movie's June 2 debut, and Pally's thoughts on Band Aid's all-female crew are worth repeating. The actor not only got to see firsthand what it's like to be surrounded by a crew full of talented women, but he also came away with a meaningful lesson.

In the video interview, Pally explained how being on the set of Band Aid made him even more hopeful about his child's future. "I have a daughter, and it was really special to see all the women that she could end up being," he shared. "Being on this set, she could be anything. She can be the head gaffer, she can be an amazing DP — every woman was the top of the line, and it was nice to think that my daughter could be on a set like this one day."

For Lister-Jones, the set was a refreshing change of pace, one where there was "no ego," and instead, an excess of cooperation. As a female creator, she found a way to surround herself with other talented women to bring her film to life, but she also changed her co-star's life in the process — making it even more of a win.

As Pally explained, "It changed my life in a lot of ways, because I got to see just the difference between what it was like for a woman in all of the areas of producing a movie when they're surrounded by other women who are supporting them, versus when they are kind of apologizing for just existing."

The comedic actor has starred in a number of TV shows and films including Happy Endings, The Mindy Project, and Iron Man 3, so for him to have such an eye-opening experience on the set of Band Aid is truly special. It's remarkable that his filming experience was so different from his previous projects that it actually made him actively think about what kind of work setting he would like to see daughter in one day.

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Band Aid's all-female crew and Pally's words are a reminder of the true power of allowing women to create together, and the ways in which their work can change hearts and minds. Here's hoping more films follow suit.