The 'Band Aid' Trailer Gives Off 'New Girl' Vibes

If you're a fan of comedies with emotional depth, or female-directed movies, or charismatic thesps doing their thing, you'll want to check out the new Band Aid trailer. But wait, are you getting déjà vu? If the female lead's face looks familiar, that's because you probably recognize Zoe Lister-Jones from New Girl, where she played Schmidt's incredibly intimidating politician girlfriend, Councilwoman Fawn Moscato. You likely remember her character's full name because her catchphrase was literally "I'm Fawn Moscato."

There was a lot of joy to the ruthless political manipulator, even though fans were supposed to be rooting for Cece and Schmidt to reunite at the time Fawn was introduced. She was both your best self and your worst self as a girlfriend, because she didn't let her feelings for her partner get in the way of pursuing her ambition, and because that meant she could be a little brutal in her interactions with her boyfriend ("Your head is enormous").

Even though there's a tragic element to the opening storyline of Lister-Jones' project that means it's not exactly New Girl in movie form, I couldn't help but see aspects of Schmidt's ex-girlfriend in her portrayal of Anna in the trailer.

Viewers also get a few glimpses of Hannah Simone, who plays Cece in New Girl, in the video. But, hey, don't assume that just because two actors from your favorite show are now in a movie together that means the film will be exactly the same deal. But either way, it's definitely exciting to see them together again.

The similarities are not just about actors, though, but also the vibes the movie gives off (at least those shown in the trailer). Its comic energy seems to come from the leading couple, Anna and Ben, and their weird dynamic. While Anna and Ben are somewhat reminiscent of Fawn and Schmidt, they also echo traits of pretty much every male-female set-up on Zooey Deschanel's TV show.

Who on New Girl doesn't fight in basically the same way we see above — with heart and humor? There's a sense that characters in the show who are attracted to each other test the waters via gentle bickering. And that's not just the principle characters either. Think about how Coach meets the woman he eventually moves to New York City for. We're clued into the fact that they're going to end up together, because much like Cece and Schmidt, or Nick and Jess, they love to bicker.

While viewers ultimately discover the reason behind the couple in Band Aid's quarrels is far more tragic and understandable, this same idea of loving banter appears to play into the comedic aspects of the film.

So, if you're concerned as to whether New Girl will get renewed for Season 7 and you need something to take the edge off, maybe give Lister-Jones' film a try. It could be just what you're looking for.