Barack Obama Continues To Be Dad Goals

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Is it possible for one human being to be history's coolest president and the world's greatest dad? I am going with a resounding yes. According to Entertainment Weekly, former President Barack Obama took his daughter, Malia, to Broadway's The Price. The revival of Arthur Miller's classic play stars Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo, and given its theme of finding hope for the future, it was an apt choice for a daddy-daughter day out.

ABC News revealed that the former president and Malia were invited backstage where they met with the stars of the play. While Malia is probably no stranger to meeting Hollywood's elite by now, she still had to feel special being invited behind the scenes. Obama taking Malia to a Broadway play is not new, but it does feel like serious encouragement of his eldest daughter's dreams.

Malia is reportedly interning for the Weinstein Company, and it seems like she has a real passion for the arts. Seeing her dad nurture that love is so sweet it makes my heart grow three sizes, Grinch style. Obama and Malia's latest Broadway trip is just one more reason the former president will always be dad goals.

After spending eight years in the White House, fighting to make the United States a better place, Obama is still not jaded. Before he took office the first time he penned an open letter to his daughters in Parade detailing all the ways he wanted to use his presidency to make the world a safer place for them and all of the other children out there. From that moment forward, he has basically been super dad.

Before the show, Obama treated his daughter to a dinner at Emilio’s Ballato in Soho, according to EW. Now that Malia is 18, and already working hard on her career goals, it is probably not easy for her to see her family as much as she would like. That's why it is so aww-worthy to see her out and about in New York City with her father.

It is all too easy to say the former president is such a great dad because he is in a position of power that he can use to take his daughters on amazing trips and give them the best of everything, but the truth is Obama is dad goals because even when he was the leader of the free world he always made time to be an amazing parent. Whether he was treating his daughters to an escape room family outing or to declining an invite to speak at Malia's graduation so he could just be her dad for the day, Obama has always had a special bond with his kids.

The latest Broadway trip is just one more reason why as much as I loved having Obama as President, I imagine his daughters are even happier to have him as their dad.