Baskin-Robbins Just Released A New Mudslide Flavor That's STUFFED With Oreo Pieces


We are currently in the middle of my favorite time of year, ice cream season. There's almost nothing as perfect for a summer's day than a big scoop of ice cream — sugary, sweet, messy, and delicious. And now, things are getting even more decadent. The Baskin-Robbins' August Flavor of the Month is Oreo Mudslide, two of the most beautiful words to ever be pushed together. The ice cream sounds deliciously packed, with mudslide-flavored ice cream mixed with Oreo pieces and, not to be outdone, fudge ribbon swirls circling throughout.

Just take a moment to drink that all in, because it sounds pretty incredible. If you're a fan of intense chocolaty flavors, then this one has your name all over it.

But for those of you who would rather enjoy a summer delight in drink form, do not worry at all — the company points out that this flavor of the month is perfectly shake-ready. Let me introduce you to the Cappuccino Blast — you take that Oreo Mudslide and add espresso ice cream and chocolate syrup drizzle, then that whole concoction is topped with whipped cream, more chocolate syrup drizzle, and Oreo cookie pieces. Talk about a delicious blend. Oreos, coffee, swirls — it's like someone got into my daydreams and decided to make them all come true.

But Baskin-Robbins is serving up even more excitement in August. You might be aware that the company has launched their vegan flavors — and you have a chance to try them for free. You can get a free sample of the vegan, non-dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Chocolate Extreme on this Sunday, August 4, from 3–7 p.m. at participating locations. I have a feeling that it's going to be a very good month indeed.

There are a lot of specials heading our way in August — you can get $1 Mai Tais at Applebee's this month at participating locations. You can get Free Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Shots tomorrow, August 2, at participating locations. Basically, somewhere near you there are locations of things — and they are participating in something great. You can find delicious things. It's time you get out there and take advantage of the wonderful participations that surround you.

And if ice cream is your happy place, then it's not just the Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month that you have to look forward to. Pickle ice cream splits came onto our radar this summer, for the particularly brave. Of course, if you're a die-hard ice cream fan like me, you may want to consider a cheap at-home ice cream maker, to let you design your own ice creams and nevermore be limited by the tastes of others. Be your own Dr. Frankenstein of flavor. Peanut butter pickle ice cream, coming right up.

For a lot of us, summer is synonymous with ice cream — I devoured a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookie earlier this week, and I regret nothing. But if you want an intense chocolate flavor with an Oreo kick, then Baskin-Robbins' Oreo Mudslide offering certainly sounds like a treat, so get it while you can.