Carrie Fisher Would Have Loved This

by Jordana Lipsitz
Walt Disney Pictures

When dealing with news of her passing, one has to wonder if Carrie Fisher quite understood the enormous impact she had on men, women, children, french bulldogs — all of us. I've spent a lot of time since news of the actor, writer, and mental health advocate's death broke on Tuesday morning wondering how Fisher would have responded to everyone's reactions. Fisher, who suffered a massive heart attack on December 23, always had something snappy and hilarious to say, so we can assume she would behave no differently in light of her death if she could. I'd even venture to affectionately assume that she would adore the reaction shared by one Twitter user who called to fans to "be Princess Leia in 2017. Fight on the front lines. Strangle fascists with the chains they would have you wear. Be a motherf*ckin' general."

Fisher was an unashamed spokesperson of her ideals and values, so the idea that fans would act in her image (and the image of her most iconic character who was also an incredible fighter) would no doubt please her. Fisher did not keep her thoughts on the many issues facing society quiet, and neither did General Leia Organa. Maybe Fisher wasn't leading a rebel army, but with sass and poise, she led by speaking up for what she believed in, especially when it came to Hollywood's focus on age and beauty and the stigmatization of mental health issues.

Up until her heart attack, Fisher used her own tools to rebel, by making it obvious that she was not pleased with President-elect Donald Trump. So there's no doubt in my mind that she'd love for her beloved character to act as a figurehead for rebelling against his decisions as president.

I know in my heart that Fisher wouldn't want the events on 2016 to beat us down. This honestly terrible journey around the Sun was jam-packed with the deaths of countless civilians in Syria, a questionable election brought to your television screens by a divided nation, and extra-hot temperatures the likes of which the world had never before seen. It feels difficult to remain positive for 2017. But like General Organa when faced with the Dark Side and The First Order, we must strive to fight on. Like Fisher, we must stick up our middle fingers at hate and inequality.

Editor's Note: This article has been modified from its original version.