Becca & Garrett From ‘The Bachelorette’ Spilled Their Pet Peeves, Just Like Any Couple


After last night's emotional Bachelorette finale, it's official: Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen are engaged. Now, they're finally able to be a couple in the real world, outside of their undercover house visits, and if you had any doubt that this relationship is legit, their first post-Bach interview may convince you. On Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Garrett and Becca shared their pet peeves with each other, because let's face it — no real couple can avoid getting annoyed by something their partner does.

During their conversation with Chris Harrison on After The Final Rose, Becca and Garrett gushed over each other and how happy they are, but their conversation with Kimmel was definitely more rooted in real, everyday life. The host asked them what they've learned about each other while spending time together in secret, and Becca had a list prepared. Number one: Garrett's snoring.

"He snores so dang loud, and he likes to call it purring," Becca said, which is strange — not the fact that he snores, because a lot of people do that, but the fact that he calls it "purring." Then again, maybe it's not that strange when you consider that on last night's finale, he said that Becca gave him "eagles" instead of butterflies (which Kimmel also addressed, because how could you not?).

There's another weird habit of Garrett's that Becca brought up, too. Apparently, he's a huge fan of paper towels, minus the part where you throw them away after using them.

"He does this thing — and his brother and sister do it too — where he loves paper towels, but he'll leave them all around the house. So everywhere I go, there's a couple paper towels here, a couple paper towels there. You know the Superzoom on Instagram? I've started doing that and sending him videos of the paper towels all day long."

But when it came to Garrett? He wasn't talking. "Nothing irks me," he said, which was definitely the safe answer.

During their Kimmel visit, Becca and Garrett also played a game that tested how well they know each other, and they did impressively well for two people who haven't been in each other's lives for all that long. Maybe it's another sign that they're meant to be? They knew each other's middle names and grandparents' names, but unfortunately, they didn't know where each other went to high school — although, let's all admit that Minnesota High was a pretty solid guess from Garrett.

It seems like Becca and Garrett are genuinely so happy to be together now that they don't have to sneak around anymore, so it's hard not to be happy for them — even if you think she should have chosen Blake instead. And as far as Garrett's lack of pet peeves goes, give him a few months. It's a guarantee that eventually, he'll be able to list something. After all, can you love someone without also getting a little annoyed by them every once in awhile?