Becca Dished About Her ‘Bachelorette’ Season Teaser & Here’s What You Need To Know

Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season kicked off last week. And as exciting as it was to see her finally begin her quest for Mr. Right, fans have been pretty hung up on the contents of this season's drama-packed teaser video, which closed the premiere. Now, with Episode 2 just hours from airing, Becca added context to the teaser for her Bachelorette season during a recent sit-down with E! News. After watching the new interview, here's the most important thing inquiring residents of Bachelor Nation need to know: Fans can definitely expect some drama and a little heartbreak this season, but it sounds like Becca still gets her happy ending. (Something she's already hinted at by recently telling People that she's now engaged.)

Speaking to E! about how her relationships with this round of Bachelorette contestants end up panning out toward the season's conclusion, Becca said,

"I think, the entire journey, I stayed open to every guy that I met, to every relationship that I was forming. And because of that, a lot of feelings grew. And they were strong."

Of course, as Becca continued to explain, with that comes an inordinately difficult kind of decision-making, one that almost inevitably involves a bit of heartbreak, on somebody's part. Those familiar with Becca's stint on The Bachelor earlier this year know that the current Bachelorette understands this all too well. "Towards the end, it was difficult," Becca told E!, since she "felt so strongly for several men."

But judging by her comments on the issue of sending people home, it certainly sounds like Becca handles those tough situations with poise, maturity, and respect. To that end, she continued, saying,

"The hardest part was just knowing that I was going to have to say goodbye to some great people. And I never wanted to hurt anyone. But at the end of the day, I knew that that was inevitable."

Becca's kind-hearted, but ostensibly very practical, approach to her Bachelorette-made relationships shouldn't come as much of a surprise to Bachelor Nation, who watched as former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. broke up with her on camera back in March.

For those who need a recap: Arie proposed to Becca during last season's finale episode, but broke up with her two months later before subsequently getting engaged to his original runner-up, Lauren Burnham. That experience, coupled with Becca's famous penchant for empathy and honesty, seems like it's probably equipped her with a no-nonsense approach to eliminating her own band of contestants this season.

Paul Hebert/ABC

For more reasons than one, that definitely seems like a good thing. Because while it seems like Becca is keen on protecting the emotions of this year's Bachelorette hopefuls, it seems just as critical that she protect her own. Unfortunately, Becca did tell E! that one of this season's contestants made her feel the way Arie did — which, as anyone familiar with the Bachelorette's radiant compassion could easily tell you, is really not cool. "I felt very similar feelings to the past ... to the breakup with Arie," Becca said, "And certain things were said that really mirrored what had happened."

Still, anxious fans can rest assured that, according to Becca, there's not a ton of heartbreak on the agenda, so watching the season will probably still manage to make you smile. "I mean you'll get everything this season," Becca said. "You'll get the drama, you get the tears, you get the happiness, you get the laughter."

And while she didn't elaborate too much about what that will actually entail, she addressed a couple of the teaser's elements more specifically, including whether or not Colton was lying about his virginity. (For the record, she doesn't think so.) In the interview, Becca also defended model contestant Jordan, whose motives for entering the competition in the first place were questioned during last week's inaugural episode. But Becca said that's just who he is. "Jordan is Jordan and he owns who he is," she explained. "I honestly have never met anyone quite like him."

As fans of the current Bachelorette would probably have to agree, when it comes to Becca's plight for true love, it seems safe to say Bachelor Nation has seen enough tears to last a lifetime. So here's to wishing Becca all the happiness and laughter in the world this season. And — hopefully — she finds her fairytale man in the process.