Arie & Lauren From ‘The Bachelor’ Were Planning Their Wedding Before They Even Got Engaged

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Arie's proposal to Lauren B. may have taken place after the original timeline of The Bachelor, but that isn't stopping them from moving full steam ahead on their wedding. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lauren and Arie said they're already planning their wedding. Although they just became engaged during After The Final Rose mere hours before their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show, the couple was making plans for their wedding before their engagement was official. Kimmel suggested they take some time before getting married — after all, Arie was just engaged to Becca. But based on what the pair also told PEOPLE magazine, Arie and Lauren could be married not only within the year, but also on television.

"What rush are you in?" Kimmel asked when Arie and Lauren came on his show after the proposal. "I know you're a race car driver, but slow the hell down." Arie took the teasing in stride and said, "We've spent the last few months together and we're just ready to move on with our lives." Kimmel continued to rib the couple due to the fact that they've only been officially back together for two months, which the host pointed out does not technically constitute "a few." He also more seriously recommended they take some time before getting married, but Lauren said, "We've actually been planning our wedding already."

Compared to how most people are responding to what Arie did, Kimmel's comments were pretty tame. While Bachelor Nation typically greets proposals made during the live after shows with excitement, fans weren't exactly thrilled for Arie Luyendyk Jr. when he proposed to Lauren Burnham. After all, just a day earlier, viewers watched as Arie proposed to Becca in Peru, only to regret it and controversially break up with her on camera. Then, the March 6 episode showed Arie and Lauren getting back together — and Lauren accepting his marriage proposal on After The Final Rose. So viewers aren't necessarily in step with the quick pace of Arie and Lauren's rekindled romance.

But Lauren clearly wanted to become engaged quickly since, when she took Arie back, she said, "Just so you're aware, you think I'm freaked out by engagement and everything, but I'm hoping that that doesn't take that much longer." And Arie gave Lauren what she wanted. As he told PEOPLE, "Lauren told me I'm four months late on this proposal, and I wanted to give it to her and I wanted everyone at home to share in it."

Arie also confirmed how he's prepared to take this next step. "We're so ready for this," he said to PEOPLE. "We want to do it quickly!" They told the magazine that they want to get married in 2018, and that they would consider a televised wedding. So, it seems like Arie is not really taking Jason Mesnick's advice to get out of the spotlight for a bit. Meanwhile, Kimmel just wants Arie and Lauren to experience some basic dating firsts before getting married. "You haven't been to a restaurant together?" the host incredulously asked after Lauren revealed they hadn't. "Oh, you should definitely get married right away," he then joked.

However, even with the backlash, Lauren remained unfazed and was still confident in her relationship with Arie. She told Kimmel she hasn't watched what her fellow Bachelor contestants said on After The Final Rose, but she's not worried about their opinions on Arie. She also confirmed that some of the women who were on The Bachelor with her will be invited to their wedding. Something tells me their guest list won't include Becca K. though.

Before a wedding takes place, they told Kimmel that Lauren will be moving into Arie's home in Arizona. But if they stick to their timeline, their wedding won't be long after. So even though they're not on The Bachelor anymore, Arie and Lauren are embracing the speed of the show. And they're ready to get married right now — even if Bachelor Nation is far from prepared.