Benefit Is FINALLY Making Hoola Bronzer For People With Darker Skin Tones

If you ask your makeup-loving friends about the best bronzer on the market, there's a good chance some of them will respond with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer. The matte bronzer is a staple product for many, and now two darker Hoola Bronzer shades are coming just in time for your spring break.

Benefit's classic box-packaged bronzer is a standing recommendation by many, but up until just a few years ago, there was only a single shade of the matte powder. Not very inclusive, right? Thankfully, Benefit Cosmetics is beginning to change that. In 2017, the brand created Hoola Lite, a lighter version of the product. Of course, that still left out women with deeper complexions. Now, with their latest launch, Benefit is working to become more inclusive.

Benefit's Hoola Toasted and Hoola Caramel are coming online Feb. 26 and in stores March 1, and the new shades mark an expansion for the brand into bronzers for deeper skin tones. Like the two existing shades of the iconic product, these new additions feature no shimmer and have a totally matte finish. Hoola Caramel is a medium deep tone, and Hoola Toasted is the brand's new deepest shade.

If you've wanted to try one of Benefit's most well-known products, the new Hoola shade expansion may just let you do it — and it's about time.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

The new Hoola Bronzer shades may be available earlier online, but if you want to test them out IRL, the products will be heading to existing Benefit retailers. This includes beauty shopping staples like Ulta Beauty and Sephora.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics
Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

According to the brand, though, the new Hoola Bronzer expansion isn't the only thing the brand has coming for its customers. Benefit will also be releasing all new cheek palettes to go along with the new shades. In fact, one of the new bronzers is even getting added to a cheek palette.

The new Benefit Cheekleaders Bronze Squad is a five-shades-in-one palette that features two existing Benefit blushes, the original Hoola shade, a brand new highlight named Cookie, and the new Hoola Caramel. While Hoola Caramel will be launching in its own single pan, the new Cookie highlighter is exclusive to the palette which, like the new bronzer shades, is set to launch online Feb. 26 and in store March 1.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

If you're more of a blush lover than a bronzer person and couldn't get enough of Benefit's last cheek palette Cheek Parade, you'll love another new goodie that's coming soon. The Cheekleaders Pink Squad palette features the original Hoola bronzer, three well-known, existing blushes from the brand, and a brand new exclusive highlight shade named Tickle that's only being released in the palette.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

If you've long been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics but haven't had your shade in their iconic bronzer, the new Hoola Toasted and Hoola Caramel may just be the key to your new, ultra-bronze look.

After years of a single shade, Benefit is now stepping up to the plate with the expansion. It's a refreshing and inclusive announcement in the world of beauty.