The Best Halloween Couples Costumes That Will Take No Time To Put Together

Matt Cowan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Candy and treats aside, one of the greatest things about Halloween is dressing up. And when you have a significant other who loves the holiday as much as you do, it is worth looking into the best couples costumes for Halloween 2017. This approach doubles as an excellent gram-worthy moment, complete with good laughs and great memories. Planning coordinating costumes can be a lot of fun, too. It is all about zeroing in on which easy couples costumes fit your style.

To top things off, dressing up with a partner means you can play off of each other's outfits. For example, a dragon mask just makes you a dragon. But when the other person wears a maxi dress and platinum blonde wing, you end up with a stellar Game of Thrones reference.

As always, do not forget about the power of makeup. Using products you already have on hand can seriously transform both of your costumes. Plus, you can even use Halloween makeup hacks with household items for added effects. For best results, do a test run before the big night, so you can master the look for the real deal. (You will thank yourself later.) If all else fails, there are always last-minute Halloween costumes, so you will never be without an outfit.

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Daenerys & A Dragon

Maxi Dress, $18, Rose Gal | Platinum Blonde Wig, $20, Amazon | Dragon Mask, $14, Amazon

It's safe to say that Game of Thrones ruled the year 2017. And what is more iconic than the Mother of Dragons with a dragon? You can turn any flowing maxi dress into a Daenerys costume by wearing it with a platinum blonde wig. Your better half just needs a dragon mask, or maybe even a onesie.


Ash & Pokémon

Denim Vest, $23, Amazon | White T-Shirt, $3, Amazon | Red Trucker Hat, $5, Amazon | Pikachu Jumpsuit, $51, Buy Costumes

Pokémon recently made one heck of a comeback and the craze is still going strong. This Halloween, why not channel your trainer vibes? A denim vest, white t-shirt, and red hat are all you need to emulate Ash Ketchum. Meanwhile, the other person can wear a onesie inspired by a Pokémon of choice.


Phil And Lil

Denim Overalls, $90, Gap | Pink T-shirt, $7, Amazon

Everything '90s is super trendy right now, and Rugrats are no exception. Phil and Lil, everyone's favorite twins, also happen to be easy Halloween costumes. Both you and your partner simply need denim overalls and pink t-shirts. And while dressing up as twins might be a little strange for a couple, it is Halloween. Anything goes.


Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia

White Bathrobe, $20, Amazon | White Pants, $19, Amazon | Brown Holster and Belt, $12, Amazon | White Maxi Dress, $31, With Chic | Brown Waist Belt, $9, Romwe

If you and your partner are die-hard Star Wars fans, consider dressing up as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Both characters call for all-white ensembles, which happen to be super comfy. To really get into character, Luke should have a light saber. (It's the perfect excuse to go to the toy store.) Princess Leia needs a pair of iconic side buns.


Log Lady & Agent Dale Cooper

Printed Sweater Cardigan, $35, Luxury Divas | Khaki Green Button-Down Shirt, $25, H&M | Red Eyeglasses, $15, Eye Buy Direct | Black Blazer, $31, Amazon | White Button-Down Shirt, $25, H&M | Striped Tie, $16, Tiemart

The year 2017 also saw the comeback of the quirky '90s drama, Twin Peaks. To dress up as the Log Lady, layer up in a button-down shirt and cozy fair isle cardigan. If your partner wears a blazer and button-down, they'll instantly become Agent Dale Cooper. Even better, carry around a damn fine cup of coffee.


Beauty & The Beast

Yellow Maxi Dress, $29, With Chic | Yellow Headband, $7, Athleta | White Button-Down Shirt, $70, Topman | Blue Blazer, $31, Amazon

If the live action version of Beauty and the Beast rekindled your love for the enchanting story, dress up as Belle and the Beast. The most essential item is a yellow maxi dress, so don't put away those summer clothes just yet. Otherwise, keep an eye out at end-of-summer sales. The Beast, on the other hand, needs a white button-down and blue blazer.


Emoji Couple

Blue T-Shirt, $4, Amazon | Brown Pants, $27, Target | Pink Dress, $39, Neiman Marcus | Black Waist Belt, $25, Hollister

Nothing says "millennial" like emojis, especially when they come to life. The classic emoji needs a blue t-shirt and brown pants, while the girl needs a pink short-sleeved dress and black waist belt. To dress up as two emoji guys or girls, simply buy two of the same outfit.


Ketchup & Fries

Heinz Shirt, $25, Heinz History Center | French Fries T-Shirt, $18, Amazon

Food will never go out of style, especially when it's something as classic as ketchup and French fries. All you need is shirts for this costume pairing, the ultimate recipe for a comfortable Halloween night.


Jack & Coke

Jack Daniels T-Shirt, $31, Overstock | Coca-Cola T-Shirt, $11, Amazon

Here's another ridiculously easy couples idea. The classic duo of Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola is a bar staple, after all. Don't want to buy new shirts? Print out the logos and tape onto black and red shirts. Now, that's what I call budget-friendly.