Bette Davis Singing 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?' On 'The Andy Williams Show' Is A Must-See — VIDEO

Suzanne Tenner/FX

Raise your hand if you have simply fallen in love with Ryan Murphy's campy new anthology series, Feud. Watching Joan Crawford and Bette Davis played by Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon is like being transported back to the golden ago of Hollywood glamour and the drama is unlike anything we are privy to today. The series follows the stars' lives closely, including their stint as co-stars in the horror film, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?. This week, fans are in for a treat when Sarandon, as Davis, is shown singing an ode to Baby Jane on The Andy Williams Show but the original video of Davis singing is just deliciously campy and amazing.

Variety shows were a staple of the times back in Davis and Crawford's heyday, and Thee Andy Williams Show was one of the most iconic of the time. Shortly after filming What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? in 1962, Davis was a guest on the show to promote the film and her upcoming record. When Williams asked Davis what her new record sounded like, she used her fabulous sense of humor to compare it to Chubby Checker. Things really got good when Williams announced that Davis would be performing a little tune for the audience.

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Davis brought the awesome in a sparkly blue dress, with some sassy dance moves and a set of raspy vocal pipes that were clearly touched by years of constant chain-smoking. The best part is that Davis was happily aware of the camp and the silliness of her performance but she let it rip, regardless. That is what makes Davis such a legend. She had a sense of humor and she was fearless.

I am so excited to see Sarandon pull this moment off on Feud, but the original is simply a classic.